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Issue #21

Wondering how they judge the San Francisco Spirits competition? There’s an article this week to discuss that!   What’s the difference in consumer demographics of

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Issue #20

Significant CA backtracking on parts of their big DTC legislation. As what was ground-breaking DTC legislation has been significantly trimmed, it is important to follow

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Issue #19

Celebrity-backed spirits brands are incredibly common. It seems like the equivalent of an oversized home: you haven’t reached “star” status until you have your own

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Issue #18

“Over 25% of alcohol-only beverage retailers who sell online report that they now earn a fifth or more of their total sales from e-commerce.” – as

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Issue #17

Something we talk about most weeks here (because it’s a hot topic) are the different ways that markets are changing for spirits brands.   A

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Issue #16

A lighter week for news in the spirits world.   My top two favorite stories from this week are An article in the Wall Street

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Issue #15

We’ve changed our digest to give you the top 10-15 stories, that way it’s easier for you to skim through the main headlines and pick

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Issue #14

This week has great articles on trends in spirits. One article talks about how to tell if your brand is ready for the era of

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Issue #13

Burst of creativity and exciting stories from this week’s digest.   Mushroom-infused spirits is not something I would think of, but that’s a thing in

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Issue #12

With St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday, the first few articles will have you feeling a little more green.   Some great stories and articles, so

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Issue #11

The movement among states to not allow the sale of Russian-made vodkas continues to expand.  Voters in Pennsylvania support the privatization of liquor sales.  

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Issue #10

One of the big, interesting stories is revolting against Russian-made vodka. Many control states (PA, OH, VA, NH, IA, and UT) have banned it entirely,

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Issue #9

Many press releases over the past week.   Two of the bigger highlights are: 512 Tequila sues 818 Tequila for “trademark infringement, false designation of

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Issue #8

Happy Tuesday everyone: here’s the summary of the latest and greatest in the craft and emerging spirits world.   Two biggest stories are Endless West’s

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Issue #7

The past week was a busy one, so here is a summary of the latest spirits sales & marketing news.   In top news about

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Issue #6

Top highlights: Alcohol ecommerce is expected to surpass $6 billion, Provi and SevenFifty merge, updates on state legislation, and more…   Just like every week,

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Issue #5

The push continues for privatization of liquor stores in control states. Last week it was Mississippi, this week the movement grows in PA and OR.

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Issue #4

Another exciting week in the spirits world. Biggest highlight for this week is the fact that California has passed a bill that permanently allows spirits

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Issue #3

Lots of news over the past week.   On the distributors side, Breakthru Beverage buys out Major Brands in Missouri. Many articles discussing the importance

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Issue #2

As spirits sales continue to surge into this new year, we channel that optimism into our businesses.   Time for a fresh start.   This

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Issue #1

Spirits sales and marketing. That’s what we’re about.   As O-N-D reaches its Christmas & New Year’s peak, we start to look forward to 2022.

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