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March 8, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

The movement among states to not allow the sale of Russian-made vodkas continues to expand.  Voters in Pennsylvania support the privatization of liquor sales.


Also, the draft agenda for the 1st Annual Spirits Sales & Marketing Conference has been announced! Check it out with this link.


Lots of great news, so grab the coffee and dig into the latest and greatest in spirits sales & marketing.


And now, the news…

Issue #11

Creating exceptional brand appeal in the premium spirits market

A superior image is crucial as decisions are based on the perceived quality of the product.

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Thirstie Releases Data Insights Report Highlighting Core Spirits Online Shopping Behaviors

The data-driven report which focuses on online shopping patterns.

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TTB Newsletter for March 4, 2022

TTB Issues Additional Guidance on Trade Practices.

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Pa. voters support privatizing liquor and wine sales

Participants were nearly split on the issue of enacting a constitutional amendment.

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Liquor privatization in Washington state could provide lessons for Pennsylvanians

Following privatization, Washington saw its number of liquor stores increase five-fold.

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Big Beer Says Prices have Remained Low While Craft Brewers Welcome the Scrutiny.

The DOJ and FTC are following up on concerns that the industry is too concentrated.

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How Jameson and Irish Distillers are Connecting People

The key to understanding the Jameson brand lies within the product.

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Why are fine wine prices going through the roof?

So who's responsible for spiraling fine-wine prices?

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MLB splits beer category for the first time

A-B renews MLB deal domestically, but Corona takes on import rights.

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The World’s Best Rums According To The Global Spirits Masters

The competition recently announced the top rums and cachaça expressions in the world.

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Cardinal Spirits releases its first canned cocktail variety pack

Cardinal Spirits has just released a new canned cocktail and variety pack.

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Next Century Spirits Debuts Caddy Clubhouse Cocktails

A Brand New Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cocktail in Partnership with Golf Legend Greg Norman.

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Freeland Spirits collaborates with Bourbon Women Foundation

Freeland Spirits announces a collaboration with the new Bourbon Women Foundation.

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Still waters: Altar Spirits anchors in

Santa Fe newest distillery, Altar Spirits, rolled out its Ritual Vodka last fall.

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Breezer Ventures Inc to Acquire Magnum Finest Spirits Inc.

The company announced its plans to proceed with it’s acquisition of Magnum Finest Spirits Inc.

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KEEPR’s artisan spirits celebrates its heritage with new bee-themed bottle design

KEEPR’s honey-infused artisan spirits has unveiled a striking new bottle design and branding.

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"Nyet" to Russian-made liquor, says PA LCB

Pennsylvania's Liquor Control Board has removed all Russian-made products from state stores.

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Michigan lawmaker wants state liquor commission to stop buying Russian spirits

Rep. Jeff Yaroch, R-Richmond, sent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a letter Tuesday with the request.

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Maine governor wants to ban Russian vodka, spirits

The governor called on the prevention of Russian-sourced liquor from being distributed in Maine.

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Oregon liquor stores pull Russian-produced spirits

Oregon state officials announced liquor stores can no longer sell Russian-produced spirits.

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