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January 17, 2023

Nick Cook, Publisher

Put yourself in the shoes of an uneducated customer walking into their local liquor store. What would get them to see your bottle? What on your packaging encourages them to pick up your bottle off the shelf and take it home?


We’ll discuss at March’s spirits sales & branding conference and a driving factor behind this week’s digest theme: premiumization. Let’s dive in.


And now, the news…

Issue #54

4 reasons why big brands decline and how bottom-up thinking can prevent that

Although big brands have passed the famous Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point, no brand is safe after that.

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Diageo to Buy Premium Rum Brand Don Papa

Diageo has agreed to buy Don Papa Rum, a high-end dark rum from the Philippines, in a deal worth up to about $473 million

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Premiumization continues to drive US alcohol sales

How can premiumization continue despite an anticipated recession?

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Why craft spirit brands are toasting to tech-enabled distribution

For Fast Company Executive Board member Josh Jacobs, a foray into the crowded subscription box space showed him what brands really needed.

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Pa. Liquor Control Board raises prices by 4% on all forms of alcohol

On Sunday, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board raised prices by 4% on all forms of alcohol, for not only bars and restaurants but at your local state-run liquor stores.

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LinkedIn Post

A funny reality of spirits awards...

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Cracker Barrel Gets Liquor License For Bensalem Township Location

Could Cracker Barrel be a new major account in the future for spirits brands?

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Louisville craft spirits blender buys Shively rickhouse for $2.41M for 'increased demand'

A Louisville-based spirits blender and bottling company has bought a 1940s rickhouse in Shively to help meet increased demand.

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Bottoms up: Austin canned cocktail brand raises fresh funding

This Austin-based company was founded in 2019 and reached $4 million in 2020, its first year of sales, and grew 50% in 2021...

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