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November 15, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

This week’s highlights are the settlements on some big spirits brands litigations and also a few legislative updates following the most recent US elections.


And now, the news…

Issue #47

Jack Daniel’s debuts American single malt

Big Boys getting into Single Malt: Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s has released a limited edition American single malt finished in oloroso Sherry casks.

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Take Your Shot: Using Data to Build a Spirits Brand

Digital marketing for spirit brands isn’t just a good idea – it’s absolutely necessary when building a successful, compelling business that can scale and grow (full disclosure: these guys are our friends, speakers at our conferences, and highly talented in what they do)

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TTB Newsletter for November 10, 2022

What to Expect in a Distilled Spirits Plant Product Integrity Investigation

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3 reasons why you are afraid of selling your brand to more average bars (and how to fix it)

The most successful brands are the ones that manage to grow their distribution while also growing their rate of sale.

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Diageo succeeds in Redemption Whiskey injunction

American whiskey brand Redemption has been forced to stop selling its range immediately, after it failed to get Diageo’s injunction order thrown out.

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Kendall Jenner settles 'copycat liquor' lawsuit as company suing her 'dismisses case'

The heat is off Kendal Jenner and her lucrative liquor business 818 Tequila which was being sued by Tequila 512 over allegations her product was a 'blatant rip-off'

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State Senate passes bill to allow permanent sale of to-go cocktails in Michigan

The Michigan Senate passed a bill that allows the sale of to-go cocktails from restaurants, bars and distilleries with tasting rooms.

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Massachusetts voters shoot down proposal to expand beer and wine sales

There will be no changes in store for Massachusetts alcohol sales in the near future after voters shut down an initiative that would ease statewide limits on the number of alcohol licenses one company can hold.

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The “David vs. Goliath” battle at the heart of Colorado’s liquor votes

Coloradans, in a series of surprise results Tuesday, overwhelmingly rejected one measure that would have allowed liquor stores the ability to operate unlimited locations.

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Western Kentucky Distilling plans $30m distillery

The Western Kentucky Distilling Co is building a US$30 million ‘state-of-the-art’ distillery in Kentucky – the first official distillery in Ohio County.

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Oregon Distillers Weather Drought, But Face Supply Chain Headwinds

Oregon’s wet climate and water conservation tech helps distillers mitigate the impact of diminishing water resources, but supply chain and distribution issues are still a threat

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