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February 14, 2023

Nick Cook, Publisher

Sorry, beer; spirits takes the lead. Also, Kentucky continues to build (no surprise) on its supreme bourbon position. Interesting compliance troubles at hand this week (particularly pertinent to our social media presentation in Chicago).


And now, the news…

Issue #58

Spirits surpass beer for U.S. market-share supremacy, data shows

New figures show that spirits surpassed beer for U.S. market-share supremacy, based on supplier revenues, a spirit industry group announced Thursday.

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail hits 2m visitors

Visitor numbers to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail surpassed two million for the first time last year, a trade body has confirmed.

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The bourbon boom keeps Kentucky lawyers busy

Amato says a new distillery will need a variety of legal advice regarding site location, leasing and land-use services, permits and zoning, taxation services and more.

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Bluegrass Distillers plans $8m Kentucky site

The facility will house a 36-inch column still and six 18,000-gallon fermentation tanks with room for future growth, alongside barrel warehouses, a bottling line, tasting room, visitor centre and events space.

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Oregon alcohol regulators under investigation for diverting rare bourbon for personal use

Officials would use backdoor tactics to reserve and get very rare spirits.

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We Shouldn't Be Surprised When Liquor Commissions Skim Rare Bourbon For Themselves

A bit of a cynical, but perhaps realistic, take on the Oregon situation.

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Calls for the EU to support ‘craft’ distillers

Spirits Europe, a European trade body for spirits producers, has launched a campaign called #SpiritsVoices, which will explore the demands of European distillers.

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Laura Whitmore’s TikTok and Instagram posts for alcohol brand banned

They questioned whether the ads were obviously identifiable as marketing communications, and were inappropriately targeted because they featured alcoholic drinks, as they implied alcohol could improve your mood and enhance confidence.

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Alpacas as brand ambassadors? How CHAWAR's agave spirit from Ecuador has ties to Austin

"What we realized was that people go crazy for them and also that they really represent the spirit of our spirit, which is that alpacas and llamas come from the Andes," Logan-Hines said.

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NFL star quips ‘shut your mouth’ at seltzer brands

Professional NFL player Travis Kelce has invested in Casa Azul Tequila Soda and quipped at other hard seltzer brands to “know your role and shut your mouth”.

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How to hire a recruiter for your wine or spirits sales roles

And since great recruiters don't come cheap, the stakes can be very high.

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Distiller gets $25k default judgment for illegally shipping spirits

MLCC announced a default judgment against a Hawaii-based distiller in their suit against the distiller for making illegal sales and shipments of spirits to Michigan consumers.

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