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December 8, 2021

Nick Cook, Publisher

Spirits sales and marketing. That’s what we’re about.


As O-N-D reaches its Christmas & New Year’s peak, we start to look forward to 2022.


Some great articles in this week’s digest related to ecommerce and celebrity brands (even Derek Jeter is hopping on the bandwagon).


One of my favorites from this week is highlighting the marketing for some great craft distilleries. In a world that continues to become more and more digital, a brand’s strong online presence becomes more and more important.


And now, the news…

Issue #1

Alcohol ecommerce set to grow 66% across 2020-2025: ‘Ecommerce has clearly become engrained for many consumers’

Total beverage alcohol ecommerce sales across key global markets are expected to grow by 66% over five years, reaching more than $42bn, according to new data from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

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Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Launches New Digital Marketing Company, DRAM Agency, to Help Suppliers Maximize eCommerce Strategies

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits today announced it has formed a new affiliated company, DRAM Agency, to provide digital marketing consulting and services to wine and spirits suppliers looking to activate or accelerate their eCommerce strategies.

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M&A and Alcohol: Don’t Let Regulatory Red Tape Leave Your Deal With a Hangover

Discussing the legal side of M&As and how to deal with the bureaucracy.

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Venture Funding To Booze Startups Boomed This Year, But Will The Buzz Linger?

Global investment into venture-backed startups in the alcohol sector may have taken a dip in 2020, Crunchbase data shows, but it came back strong in 2021, surpassing $1 billion for the first time as of Oct. 31.

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Tilray buys Breckenridge Distillery with plans for THC beverages upon federal legalization of cannabis

Tilray CEO Irwin D. Simon said the acquisition by the cannabis company is aimed at leveraging its portfolio of U.S. brands to launch THC-based products upon federal legalization of cannabis in the U.S.

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8 U.S. Craft Spirits Brands Doing a Fabulous Marketing Job

A great source of inspiration, and frankly a round of applause for what these folks are all doing.

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In The U.S., Craft Spirits Are Outpacing Major Brands

“These findings suggest the U.S. craft spirits segment has ample opportunities for evolution and growth, and continues to be an attractive investment proposition for brands,” says Lee.

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The most followed celebrity spirits brands

Trends come and go, but stars venturing into the spirits industry and launching their own alcohol brands seems to remain a constant.

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From Baseball to Bar: Derek Jeter Launches New Whiskey Brand

Derek Jeter is taking his talents from the baseball field to the bar as an investor in Bespoken Spirits.

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Cardi B Launches Vodka-Infused Whipped Cream Brand Whipshots

Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar continues to expand her growing business empire. The Grammy-winning rapper partnered with Starco Brands to present a vodka-infused whipped cream brand called Whipshots.

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A Sprint for Sustainability in the Spirits Industry

While the biggest companies may generate the headlines for their efforts, more nimble craft distilleries are often leaders when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly practices.

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Annual Drizly Retail Report Signals Optimism For 2022, Tequila Challenging Vodka For Shelf Space And A Craft Beer Comeback

Asked about special attributes that matter most, 66% of retailers surveyed said that they seek to stock locally made products, followed closely by organic and natural products (60%).

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Insider Tips for Choosing the Right Distributor

From determining the right size of distributor to understanding where your brand will fit within a portfolio and becoming aligned on expectations early, SevenFifty Daily spoke with suppliers and distributors to get insider tips on choosing distributor partners wisely.

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The Free Spirits Company Announces Distribution Agreement with Republic National Distributing Company to Accelerate Non-Alcoholic Spirits Growth in the US

The distribution agreement between the two companies began roll-out across California this Summer and will continue to grow throughout the US.

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How spirits brands can support liquor stores

Nine Ways Spirits Brands Can Support Liquor Stores While increasing Profits During the Holiday Season.

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The US is ‘top dog’ in drinks e-commerce

As online drinks sales continue to soar, the United States is expected to snatch the crown for e-commerce by 2025, says new data from IWSR.

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TTB Newsletter for December 3, 2021

TTB to Simplify Distilled Spirits Permit Applications.

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New York: New York Distillers Launch Campaign to Urge Legislature to Make Direct-to-Consumer Shipping of Spirits and Cider Permanent

New York Distillers Guild launched a grassroots Campaign on Repeal Day to urge the legislature to make direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping of distilled spirits and cider permanent.

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Virginia: Virginia Spirits Association Partners with Spirits United Grassroots Platform in Support of Spirits Industry

The Virginia Spirits Association is a nonprofit trade association focused on promoting its member companies that are a mix of small and large businesses that advocate for the responsible use of alcohol, sound state policies and that generate revenue that benefits all Virginians.

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Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania wine and liquor sales set another record, annual report shows

Last fiscal year, the PLCB set a record for net income, bringing in nearly $209 million. This fiscal year, they beat that mark by more than $60 million, outpacing not only pandemic sales but those from the good ol’ pre-pandemic days as well.

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Mississippi: Delivery business now includes alcohol sales in Mississippi

The Department of Revenue said the state of Mississippi is now in the alcohol delivery business. About a dozen companies have a license to deliver alcohol ordered from a liquor store to homes.

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Nashville Entrepreneur Hits It Big With At-Home Cocktail Mixes

WithCo Cocktails founder Josh Ellis basically bet on himself when he left his full-time real estate job at the end of 2019 to concentrate on his fledgling bottled cocktail mixer endeavor, and his returns have been impressive.

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Illinois: Supply chain issues could affect alcoholic beverages

“The global supply chain is kind of like an orchestra,” said Scott Moorad, the chief operating officer of the alcohol beverage company Hillebrand. “It is hard to turn the page when things change and the world around us is getting so dynamic and we are not nimble enough to always handle the different buying patterns.”

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Harmony Brewing adding offsite sales, developing wine and spirits

Harmony Brewing Company changed its licensing from brewpub to microbrewery to begin offsite sales and to launch production of wine and spirits in addition to beer.

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El Guapo Bitters, a unique New Orleans startup, prepares to go national

One of the fastest-growing young companies in New Orleans also is responsible for giving the city a quirky distinction in the food and beverage world: Homegrown startup El Guapo Bitters & Syrups is the country's only dedicated brewer of bitters, the botanicals-infused mixers that typically come in tiny bottles and are a staple of any self-respecting bar.

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Puerto Rico’s rum market worth $51M, study confirms

One of the most important industries in Puerto Rico is the rum industry, not only for its economic contribution but also for its legacy.

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