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May 30, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

Thursday starts the 2022 Spirits Sales & Marketing Conference in Austin this June 2-3! It’s just a couple days away, so don’t miss the opportunity to register to join us.


It’s your last opportunity to gather with these retailers, distributors, and leaders in the craft spirits world to hear them discuss how to make your spirits brand a success.


There are some great articles, particularly one focused on how to make your products more climate-friendly.


And now, the news…

Issue #23

Climate-Friendly Spirits Production Is Possible. These Distilleries Are Demonstrating How

The spirits industry has long struggled to lower its carbon footprint—but that’s changing as producers adopt new approaches to curb emissions.

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Alexa, I’m drinking: keep me sober

By saying “Alexa, open make it a Lyre’s”, people can follow Alexa’s prompts to make their favourite cocktail, sans booze, at their own pace.

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Agenda Spotlights

Industry leaders are gathering to chat about what’s necessary for spirits brands to develop their sales and marketing strategies.

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TTB Newsletter for May 27, 2022

TTB Proposes Changes to Standards of Fill for Wine and Distilled Spirits

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Whiskey Trends In The New Era Of The Food And Beverage Industry

When spirits like whiskey are part of an alcohol e-commerce business, the use of small samples can allow consumers to take advantage of trends such as single barrel whiskey and sourced whiskey from the comfort of their homes.

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10 Best Asian Whisky Brands to Know About

Japan, India, and Tiawan are all creating some beautiful whiskies...

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Scotch whisky prices are already up and it's only gonna get worse

Alcohol and Beverages industry is no exception to rising inflation across products.

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Pomp & Whimsy Launches Dry Gin As a Tribute to the Legend of ‘Mother Gin’

Pomp & Whimsy, the spirits brand created by sociologist, consumer insights expert, and entrepreneur Dr. Nicola Nice (speaking at the Spirits Sales & Marketing Conference!), announces the release of Pomp & Whimsy Gin, a dry gin wondrously crafted from 15 fine botanicals.

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United Spirits board clears sale of 32 liquor brands

Decision follows a strategic review initiated by USL for its popular brands which explored various options, including divestment.

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How spirits brands are marking the Platinum Jubilee

As HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee is a milestone none of us will ever experience again in our lifetime, spirits brands worldwide are determined to make their mark on the festivities.

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How Label or Bottle Changes Can Spike Spirits Sales

Studying successful brands shows how a mixture of common sense, market research and armchair psychology create a delicious result that spirits lovers may find irresistible.

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