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November 1, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

Campari acquires majority in Wilderness Trail for $420 million with potentially $180 million more for full ownership in 2031. Note to you M&A or finance folks out there, that’s 16x EBITA. Insane. Having had the privilege of personally studying fermentation with Dr. Heist (co-owner of Wilderness Trail), I am thrilled not only for them, but for craft spirits brands in general.


Read this story and other major news (including about the best types of holiday VAPs!!)


And now, the news…

Issue #45

Campari buys majority stake in Wilderness Trail Distillery

Campari said the total enterprise value for complete ownership of Wilderness Trail is US$600m, 16 times the expected EBITDA.

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The Retail Forecast for Wine and Spirits Gift Packaging

The most popular VAPs over the years, he says, have been logo cocktail glass sets in various forms, along with packs that include non-alcoholic mixers and mini bottles.

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TTB Newsletter for October 28, 2022

TTB Boot Camp for Distillers Webinar Series: Labeling

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Beer is on pace to lose its leading share of the U.S. alcohol market as spirits surge

Beer sales are up, but it hasn't been enough to counter the explosive rise of the spirits category.

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Campari Group takes stake in Catalyst Spirits

Aperol owner Campari Group has acquired a minority stake in Catalyst Spirits and recorded double-digit gains for the first nine months of 2022.

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How to Plan an Ownership Transition for Your Drinks Business

Beverage company owners have many options for succession when they’re ready to retire. The key is to start planning early...

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Widow Jane’s Master Distiller Announces Departure From The Brand

President of Widow Jane Robert Furniss Roe said, “We’d like to thank Lisa for all her extraordinary work in distilling, blending, leading, and educating."

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Get to Know Rakia, the Spirit of the Balkans

Essentially, Balkan brandy has a cool name.

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The alternative agave spirits tipped by IWSR for success

Non-blue weber agave spirit made in Jalisco as well: raicilla.

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