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October 25, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

I’ll open with an important quote about this week’s focus – luxury spirits.

“It appears macroeconomic headwinds slowed the astonishing growth rate of luxury spirits sales of 2021 but were not strong enough to reverse the positive premiumization trend. Distilled spirits are affordable luxuries that bring spirits consumers great joy. Consumers are willing to spend extra for that special spirit and choosing to drink better, not more.”- DISCUS’ Christine LoCascio


Many consumers are now open to higher price point, but it comes with a catch! Consumers expect that the quality of booth the liquid and the packaging reflect that price point. I get it, distributors aren’t super jazzed to take on a new whiskey that is priced to retail at $59.99, but if you can create a brand that looks (aka packaging) and tastes (the fun part) AND has the organic demand for that product (marketing and brand awareness), then craft brands totally have a shot at riding this wave…


(although, not every analyst is in on the hype so read on for both sides of the aisle)


And now, the news…

Issue #44

Premiumization Trend Continues to Grow at Remarkable Rate Despite Economic Downturn

The Luxury Brand Index shows luxury brands grew 23 percent in the second quarter of 2022 compared with the same quarter of 2021.

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Americans Are Still Drinking Luxury Spirits, Inflation Be Damned

Luxury brands, as defined by DISCUS, are 750ml bottles with a retail price of $50 or more.

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Super premium wines and spirits will survive a US recession

Super premium wines and spirits are likely to withstand a recession in the US, according to a new research report from Rabobank.

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Super-premium spirits could decline amid recession

Rabobank believes that demand for super-premium brands will ‘soften notably’ in the fourth quarter of 2022, and ‘turn noticeably negative’ in 2023.

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Recession or not, investments in this sector have shown resilience in tough times

People drink when they're celebrating, and they share drinks with friends to get through the harder times.

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Demand up for aluminum screw caps

The rise in demand for aluminum closures was attributed to the return to growth for spirits in 2021, following the pandemic challenges of 2020.

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Why some value chains fail and 3 steps how to fix it

Value chains start from the glass, not from the distillery.

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Seth MacFarlane moves into whiskey

The US comedian has partnered with Next Century Spirits to serve as the chief storyteller of Bear Fight, which launched in May 2022.

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Open Virginia's Whiskey Market

Freeing up Virginia’s liquor market is more worthwhile than just busting its whiskey black market.

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Whistlepig hires UK brand ambassador

Craft US brands across the pond.

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