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March 7, 2023

Nick Cook, Publisher

Digital spirits ads, path to premiumization-building, and the latest trends outlooks as we enter the final weeks before our conference in Chicago. A day of networking and chatting about the themes we discuss here weekly.


And now, the news…

Issue #61

Bringing Your Alcohol Brand Into the Digital Age

So imagine if you, as an alcohol brand, still did that, but then added on a new revenue source that brought in six, even seven figures a year...

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Find the right branding partner for craft and emerging spirits brands

For less $ than other major industry events, you can listen to a full day’s worth of educational content, networking with industry peers, and sipping fine artisan spirits in our happy hour social.

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US whiskey sees high demand in Asia

“Even small distilleries here in the US that maybe can’t get traction here, I get a lot of calls [from them] that say, ‘Help me in the US because I’m selling 10,000 cases in Asia."

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Spirits flavour innovation in 2023 focuses on playfulness and new experiences

IWSR investigates the flavours driving spirits innovation, from saline notes to twists on nostalgic serves.

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WhistlePig creates 21-year-old whiskey

It was aged for 21 years in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, and given a four-week-long finish in WhistlePig rye barrels.

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The State of Irish Whiskey

Dominated by large, well-known brands, Irish whiskey is seeing growth among super-premium expressions and focusing on sustainable ways of doing business

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Bend Distilleries Support Creation Of Oregon Spirits Board

It will assist small and medium sized distilleries to navigate the entrance and expansion into national and international markets.

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Texas lawmakers want to legalize selling liquor on Sundays

A number of representatives are getting behind proposed laws that would legalize liquor sales on Sundays.

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