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April 5, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

We’ve changed our digest to give you the top 10-15 stories, that way it’s easier for you to skim through the main headlines and pick out your top articles.


This week’s biggest news is about Provi suing SGWS and RNDC. You can read our brief thoughts on it here. Lots of other great articles within (including a distillery in the metaverse??)


Grab the coffee and dig in.


And now, the news…

Issue #15

Provi Files Federal Antitrust Complaint Against Southern and RNDC, the Nation’s Two Largest Wine and Spirits Distributors

They allege unlawful efforts by Southern and RNDC designed to stifle competition from Provi and maintain or enhance their respective monopoly power in the relevant markets for Online Alcohol Marketplaces, Search and Display Advertising on Online Alcohol Marketplaces, and Data Analytics Services in certain states.

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Why the Provi suit matters for spirits brands

While it is far too early to say what the outcomes of this case will be, it is crucial that spirits brands have a good understanding of what is happening in the marketplace and can position their brand accordingly.

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4 Bev Alc Trends That Will Define How We Drink This Year

From e-commerce becoming a lawful reality to the rise of no- and low-alcohol adult beverages, the industry as we know it is evolving.

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TTB Newsletter for April 1, 2022

We remind industry members that TTB advertising regulations prohibit any health-related statement that is untrue in any particular, or that tends to create a misleading impression as to the effects of alcohol consumption on health.

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From Farming To Creating A $10.8M/Year Organic Spirits Brand

Deep dive into the entreprenuerial process of Drake's Organic Spirits.

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Celebrity Agave: 20 Stars With Tequila or Mezcal Brands

In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular (and lucrative) for celebs to jump on the high-end agave-based spirits bandwagon.

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Women Have Long Mastered the Whiskey Business — It's Time to Take Notice

"Coming into the business, no one would respond to the needs of my all-female executive team," Fawn Weaver explains. "No one was returning our calls, from distributors to bottling partners and whiskey sourcing partners, et cetera."

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Jose Cuervo Tradicional Brings the First-Ever Distillery to the Metaverse

The “metadistillery” will open in Decentraland this summer and bring curated virtual experiences and NFTs to tequila fans.

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Wholesale alcohol distributor LibDib enters NJ market

The market is now open to all licensed wine and spirits producers seeking distribution in the Garden State following LibDib’s recent expansions into Texas, Connecticut and Maryland.

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Former Houston tech campus sold to local liquor distributor

An affiliate of Mexcor International, an importer and distributor of spirits and beverages, acquired the former Hewlett Packard Enterprise campus in northwest Houston.

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Diageo acquires super-premium tequila brand 21Seeds

21Seeds was founded in 2019 by three female entrepreneurs. They will continue to actively work with the brand and collaborate with Diageo North America.

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Destilería Serrallés Names Liza Cordero Master Blender of Don Q Rum

Cordero will work directly with Silvia Santiago, the first female Master Blender in Puerto Rico, who has been with Destilería Serrallés for more than 45 years and also holds the title of Sr. VP of Manufacturing and Maestra Ronera.

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Kentucky Gov. Signs Emergency Bill Legalizing Bourbon Private Barrel Selects, Satellite Tasting Rooms & Distillery Exclusive Bottles

That hammer on wood sound you just heard was every distiller in Kentucky pounding a mallet on a bourbon barrel to pop the bung to celebrate the passing of emergency orders HB 500.

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