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OnTrend Concepts is a clearinghouse of information, a source for networking, and a gateway to business opportunities for ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants. Our Ghost Kitchen Digest is our free weekly newsletter designed to keep you updated on all the pertinent news related to ghost kitchens, virtual brands, and delivery/carryout operations of restaurants. We talk about restaurant trends, ecommerce, liability, marketing, brand happenings, delivery, carryout, and more.

Through our conferences and other events, we bring together industry leaders to facilitate networking, deal-making, and the sharing of valuable insights in an in-person setting. We want to facilitate events that will give you the connections and information to achieve that goal. So, subscribe to the Ghost Kitchen Digest, sign up for our events, and join our Ghost Kitchens group on LinkedIn to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Upcoming Events

International Ghost Kitchen Conference

    Beurs van Berlage • Amsterdam

MAR 1-3, 2023

All of the pertinent ghost kitchen news from the previous week. It includes coverage of the most interesting bits of news and analysis related to ghost kitchens.