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April 26, 2022

Nick Cook, Publisher

“Over 25% of alcohol-only beverage retailers who sell online report that they now earn a fifth or more of their total sales from e-commerce.” – as quoted from our lead article this week.


That’s a huge boost for liquor retailers. But the big problem for many spirits brands is figuring out how to leverage the growth in that new market. How do you boost visibility on a catalog site? Do you go with a more exclusive site? Do you leverage a more DTC program? It’s important to figure what makes the most sense for your business model because not all sites are the same. Come listen to industry experts who specialize in the spirits ecommerce space at The Spirits Sales & Marketing Conference.


And now, the news…

Issue #18

Lessons From The Liquor Industry On How To Adapt To Market Changes

The move toward e-commerce has hit some sectors hard and left others scrambling to adjust, but it has proven to be a boon for the liquor industry.

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NEW POLL: Pennsylvania Consumers Overwhelmingly Support Major Changes to State Control of Spirits Sales

The majority of Pennsylvania consumers – both Democrats and Republicans – support major changes to the current government-run retail sale of wine and spirits in the state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll released today by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

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Full Belly Files: California Agave Spirit Producers Band Together

These batches are small, usually between just 250 to 450 bottles, but they sell out quickly, typically straight through the distilleries’ tasting rooms and websites.

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The state said nyet to Russian vodka, so say cheers to these Vermont-made spirits

Highlighting the different Vermont-made vodkas in response to switching out Russian (or all non-American brands).

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Results from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

If you're handy with Excel, you can download and filter through the winners of the 2022 San Fran competition.

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Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila brand is turning agave waste into bricks

For every liter of tequila bottled, the fermentation process generates about 11 pounds of agave pulp.

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Liquor industry deal would create council to recommend booze law changes in Minnesota

But another aspect of the proposal awaiting action on the House floor has gotten less attention: a formal system to reach similar compromises in the future...

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Bacardi Sues American Airlines for Lost Liquor

Bacardi, one of the largest privately held spirits companies in the world is suing American Airlines for the disappearance of over $65,000 worth of French brandy last year.

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Malibu Launches New Global Brand Positioning with 'Do Whatever Tastes Good'

Malibu is launching a global brand refresh, spearheaded by a sun-soaked film from award-winning director Dave Meyers, introducing new energy, confidence and year-round summer vibes to the popular drink and encouraging everyone to get into the summer mindset and "Do Whatever Tastes Good."

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From ‘SNL’ Alums to UFC Champions, These Celebrity-Owned Liquor Brands Live Up to the Hype

From former WWE champions to Oscar-winning actors, you can choose a spirit backed by someone famous across the entire spectrum of fame.

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