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January 24, 2023

Nick Cook, Publisher

We love trees for many reasons. One we may not always keep front of mind (or maybe, you do) is that trees make barrels which are needed for our aged spirits. Neat story about the lobbying efforts to save white oaks.


Let’s get into the latest and greatest of spirits sales & marketing.


And now, the news…

Issue #55

Bourbon, Biodiversity, and the Quest to Save America’s Oak Forests

Without the success of the White Oak Initiative—a coalition of distilleries, cooperages, and foresters—there will be too few trees for their current widespread use.

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7 Major Spirits & Cocktail Trends For 2023

The whisky industry, and particularly the new wave of craft and artisan producers, are beginning to distil spirits in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way.

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How To Build an E-Commerce Website

(Not a "spirits" focused article, but still a great, foundational read)

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How to Develop an Effective Beverage Education Program for Your Staff

Solid read for those who own a tasting room or looking to build out an on-premise educational program about your brand.

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Brands must focus on distinctiveness to survive

Drinks brands have been encouraged to lean into their “point of difference” to attract consumers, as a looming recession and energy crisis causes spending to tighten.

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Bourbon maker Sazerac sues distributor over shortages, millions in unpaid bills

According to the complaint, RNDC owes Sazerac $38.6 million and counting in unpaid bills on wholesale liquor purchases made before the two stopped doing business together at the end of 2022.

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Texas' First Black Woman-Owned Tequila Brand Is Amongst Pronghorn's Second Investment Round

In November 2022, according to a press release, the Black-owned tequila brand was among the second round of angel investments from Pronghorn — a company on a mission to diversify the spirits industry.

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The State of Craft Spirits in Colorado 2023

Colorado had an early start with Craft Beer and it's getting another early start in Craft Spirits.

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From Don Papa to Casamigos: founders toast payday from spirits start-up boom

New brands have been snapped up by multinationals but the market is increasingly crowded.

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Craft distillery operators want to be included in New Jersey’s liquor license overhaul

The governor vowed to modernize New Jersey’s liquor laws during his State of the State address last week – including loosening the restrictions on craft distilleries.

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Sazerac Co’s US distribution shake-up sends shockwaves – But, why?

One of the biggest mistakes many brand owners have made about the US is approaching the country as one big market.

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