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Wade Allen

Wade Allen

Senior Vice President of Innovation, Brinker International, Inc.
Gage Anderle
EVP, Boost Virtual Concepts, and Director of Virtual Brands, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants
Chris Baggott
Co-Founder & CEO, ClusterTruck
Marc Choy
CEO, Ghost Kitchen Brands
Pete Cook
President & Publisher, OnTrend Concepts
Katie Cox
VP Business Development, The Middleby Corporation
Peter Cryan
VP Equipment Innovation & Automation, Inspire Brands
Andrew Custage
Head of Analytics, Sense360 by Medallia
Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio
Co-Founder, Aioli Gourmet Burgers and BLT Kitchens
Vinny DyReyes
VP New Ventures, Nextbite
Dre Ealy
Founder & CEO, Catino
Robert Earl
Founder / Chairman, Planet Hollywood International, and Earl Enterprises
Jay Fiske
President, Powerhouse Dynamics
Brian Furano
Vice President of Brand Licensing, Nextbite
Chef Eric Greenspan
Executive Culinary Director, Virtual Dining Concepts
Kelly Grogan
VP of Sales, Virtual Dining Concepts
Dana Hathaitham
Director of Business Development, Ghost Kitchen Brands
Kristen Hawley
Founder, Expedite
Scott Heim
President, Middleby Ventless Cooking Solutions
Aaron Hoffman
Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, DeliverThat
Aron Hollander
Senior Manager, Dark Kitchens, Uber Eats
Chad Horn
Co-founder & COO, Devour
Jessica Jackson
Director of Strategy and Innovation, Dine Brands Global
Viggnesh Kandasamy
Co-Founder & CTO, One Stop Kitchen & MayaEats
Olga Lopategui
Founder, OLLO
Nancy Luna
Restaurants Correspondent, Insider
Joe Monastero
Chief Operating Officer, Texas Restaurant Association
Massimo Noja De Marco
Founder, Soigne’
Aaron Noveshen
Founder & Chairman, The Culinary Edge
Zack Oates
Founder & CEO, Ovation
Bob Pascal
Chief Revenue Officer, Franklin Junction
Wes Patrick
Director of Global Off-Premise Business, TGI Fridays
Mohammad Qasim
Co-Founder & Principal, Madewell Companies
Kenneth Rourke
President, REEF
Bryan Rutcofsky
Co-Founder & CRO, Marqii
Michael Schaefer
Global Lead - Food and Beverage, Euromonitor International
Stephanie Sollers
CEO, Virtual Dining Concepts
Ashish Tulsian
Co-founder & CEO, Posist
Corinne Watson
Director of Content & Brand, Lunchbox
John Wingate
Founder & CEO, BankSocial
Zhong Xu
CEO & Co-Founder, Deliverect