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One of the biggest challenges for spirits brands looking to grow is determining who the real leaders and experts are in helping grow a brand. Every consultancy and supporting business markets themselves as the experts; however, how can spirits brands tell how to get the necessary ROI on their spend?


You can listen to a full day’s worth of educational content, networking with industry peers over lunch and breaks, and sipping fine artisan spirits in our happy hour social (and for less than $ than similar industry events).


At the Spirits Sales & Branding Conference in Chicago, we will be gathering folks with real industry experience to discuss what they have to offer in their fields of expertise. Not a series of sales pitches, but experts discussing what they know based on their actual experience.


Before you make a serious investment, spend just a little to see what exactly you need.


To register to attend, follow this link here: 2023 Annual Spirits Sales & Branding Conference – OnTrend Concepts