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March 24, 2022

Peter Cook, Editor

Rising food and gas costs dominated the news again this week, making cost controls more challenging for delivery restaurants.  Also, Indian delivery firm Zomato caused a stir this week with the proposal of ten minute food delivery.

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And now, the news…

Issue #85

Food-Delivery Services Will Struggle to Outrun Inflation

Inflation is coming for consumers’ pricey pandemic habits.

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Instacart’s CEO Is ‘Worried’ About Inflation of Food Prices

Rising inflation is taking a bigger bite out of Americans’ food bill.

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Buy now, food inflation will only get much worse

Billionaire owner and CEO of NYC supermarket chain Gristedes, urged Americans to "buy" now.

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As sanctions bite Russia, fertilizer shortage imperils world food supply

Sky-high fertilizer prices have farmers worldwide scaling back its use and reducing the amount of land they're planting.

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Prices continue relentless rise, but food does better than overall inflation rate 

Food rose in price slightly more slowly than the overall rate of inflation.

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Coffee Farmers Face ‘Mega Emergency’ as Fertilizer Costs Soar

Higher fertilizer prices add to the burden of rising costs of agricultural materials.

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Zomato in talks with restaurants, cloud kitchens for 10-minute deliveries

The talks with its existing restaurant partners are in early stages to introduce delivery of food within 10 minutes.

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Inside Zomato’s 10-minute delivery gamble

The 10-minute announcement took many by surprise.

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Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal defends 10-minute food deliveries after backlash

The company’s new 10-minute good delivery service was widely criticised on social media.

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Zomato's 10-Minute Food Delivery Is Nothing More Than A Data Play

Model will only be specific for nearby locations, and will include only popular and standardized menu items.

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One COVID trend that isn’t fading: Ghost kitchens

Restaurants without dining rooms are more than a pandemic phenomenon.

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Virtual restaurants are surging in popularity – but why?

According to Market Watch, the virtual restaurant food delivery market is set to grow with an impressive 12.5% CAGR.

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Inside the $1 billion Dubai 'cloud kitchen' company

Kitopi began by offering a kitchen service to existing restaurants but has started snapping up outlets.

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Do cloud kitchens stand a chance in Egypt?

The meteoric rise of cloud kitchens in the UAE is beginning to permeate through to other parts of the Middle East.

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JustKitchen Launches Pilot Program with Panasonic Taiwan

The Pilot Program will include the use of smart lockers to ensure the contactless delivery of food.

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Nextbite Partners With IHOP For Virtual Restaurant Launch

Nextbite has partnered with the IHOP restaurant chain to roll out two delivery-only brands.

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Ghost Kitchens' Impact on Restaurant Marketing

The operation is expected to become a $1 trillion industry.

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Ghost Kitchen Opening Checklist for Food Entrepreneurs

Ghost kitchens are now highly beneficial for businesses, as well as the people.

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New shared-use kitchen offers help for food trucks and other small businesses

Greensboro has a new resource for food-truck owners, caterers and other small-business owners.

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How Big Chicken’s CEO is setting up Shaq’s business for explosive growth

Josh Halpern is guiding the company’s global expansion plans with an eye toward efficiency.

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Two Ghost Growth Mindsets from Qdoba, WOWorks

Two restaurant companies are scaling up their ghost kitchens with different approaches.

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Cloud Kitchen Unicorn Rebel Foods Conducts $8.2 Mn ESOP Buyback

Rebel Foods’ former and current employees will be participating in this ESOP buyback.

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WWE® and Nextbite Launch Virtual Restaurant in Dallas

Nextbite to launch a WWE-themed, delivery-only restaurant in the Dallas area.

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There’s a new delivery-only option for burgers in Charlotte

The restaurant brand has been in growing in the Queen City for four years.

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