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March 17, 2022

Peter Cook, Editor

Well innovators, just as you were able to catch your breath new challenges will test your skills.  Skyrocketing fuel and food costs are making it more difficult to operate and provide delivery services.  Geopolitical uncertainly creates instability and makes it hard to predict where things will go.  But the good news is that as long as the innovators are empowered to innovate, we should be confident together we’ll figure it out.

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And now, the news…

Issue #84

Restaurant owners planning for price increases to be the ‘new norm’

It’s caused some cooks to change their menus, change brands and change prices.

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Food prices rise at fastest pace in 41 years

The food inflation rate is up for the ninth month in a row and now matches the U.S. inflation rate of 7.9 percent a year.

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Food price increases impact restaurants

As food prices keep going up, restaurants are getting forced to make tough choices.

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As inflation soars, restaurant owners battle to stay in business

Many restaurateurs are saying they’re at a worse place now than they were in March of 2020.

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Food delivery gets harder with gas prices, staffing shortages, menu changes

These days, it's not easy being in the food delivery business.

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Local delivery drivers feeling impacts of rising gas prices

There’s no question about it, we’re all feeling the impacts of rising gas prices across the country.

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High fuel costs take bite out of delivery food drivers' bottom line

Delivery service drivers are taking a hit at the gas pump with the surge in fuel prices.

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Uber charging customers new fuel fee for rides, delivery

Citing record-high prices for gasoline, Uber is charging customers a new fuel fee.

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Restaurants Sue Google for Allegedly Prioritizing Delivery Apps in Search

When Google sends customers to delivery apps, restaurants lose money, a new lawsuit alleges.

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Class Action filed against Google for deceptive online ordering practices harming restaurant owners

The complaint alleges misleading consumers by using the tradenames and reputations of the restaurant class members.

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Independent restaurants feel left out of Congress $1.5 trillion Omnibus deal

Congress just passed a $1.5 Trillion Omnibus deal, and it didn’t include money for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

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California’s ‘FAST Recovery Act’: The Anticipated Impact on the Restaurant Industry

The FAST Recovery Act would dramatically change how the majority of California restaurants are regulated in multiple critical ways.

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Don’t Expect the Restaurant Industry’s Technology Revolution to Slow Down Any Time Soon

The fact is, though, that beyond robots and virtual reality, tech is rapidly revolutionizing the way restaurants operate.

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VCs Turn Up The Heat On Restaurant Tech Investment

Investor appetite continues to grow for “restaurant tech” companies as more restaurateurs digitize.

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Tech Tracker: Build a robot-run restaurant in 24 hours

Uber Eats brings back group ordering; Grubhub expands grocery delivery capabilities.

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Chipotle is testing a new robot to make tortillas

Enter the tortilla robot at Chipotle as one way to fight the restaurant labor shortage.

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Afterpay brings BNPL to on-demand delivery with DoorDash

Customers in Australia can now pay for DoorDash orders and subscriptions in four interest-free installments using Afterpay.

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Healthy Eating in the Food Delivery Era

The FDA doesn’t require food delivery apps to include nutrition data if there are under 20 locations.

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Two ultra-fast delivery startups shut down in one week

Consultant stated that some of the startups lack a path to profitability and are reliant on venture capital funding.

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Dine and dash from the comfort of your car

Restaurant offers customers three dining options — dine-in, drive-through and take-away — to choose from.

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Barcelona aims to ban ghost kitchens and dark markets

Protesters claim it disrupts the natural flow of the neighbourhood and uproots the normally social aspects of retail and catering businesses.

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Big burger chain Fuddruckers beefs up Texas presence

Fuddruckers is expanding into 10 mall locations and three ghost kitchen locations.

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Is Ghost Kitchen Brands a QSR Concept in Disguise?

The only operational difference between takeout and delivery Choy identified was in juggling wait times.

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Qdoba, WOWorks Share Ghost Kitchen Strategies

Both companies have a different strategy and different goals with their ghost kitchen projects.

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Reef Technology partners with The One Group for fine- and casual-dining collaboration

STK and Kona Grill will be offered through the ghost kitchen operator in Austin, Texas.

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Holy Cow! Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering and Listing on NEO Exchange

Holy Cow’s goal is to be a leader in the transitional segment of the plant-based foods market.

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Fuel restaurant chain to open new Philadelphia locations as owner plans Miami concept

Fuel is opening new locations, launching a virtual kitchen, and taking a new concept to Florida.

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New Columbia restaurant has a taste of New York, twist on the ghost kitchen concept

The Bodega is operating inside the Philly Pretzel Factory storefront.

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Scaling Biryani like scaling burgers. Inside the house of cloud kitchen brands

India’s cloud kitchen businesses are looking to answer one key question: How do you build scale like McDonald’s?

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Swiggy Aiming For $1 Billion IPO At $10 Billion Valuation

Food delivery giant Swiggy is in the final stages of acquiring restaurant table booking service platform Dineout.

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Radisson to pilot own cloud kitchens venture in 2022

Radisson will begin building cloud kitchen areas in new hotels in MEA.

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Cloud kitchen company Curefoods acquires majority stake in Frozen Bottle

Curefoods aims to expand Frozen Bottle's footprint taking it to a total of 50 cities with over 250 outlets.

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Meet eight budding foodpreneurs of Kolkata

India: The Telegraph raises a toast to rising women entrepreneurs in the cloud kitchen space.

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Malayali entrepreneur acquires startup ‘Kitchens Centre’ that has investments from tech giants

VC company ‘Village Global’, with the partnership of tech giants, has made capital investments in the company 'Kitchens Center'.

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Nitty Gritty hopes virtual restaurant Cluck gives patrons something to squawk about

Why would a business known mostly for its mouthwatering burgers suddenly leap into VR's with fried chicken?

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Sweetgreen Rebuilds Office Delivery Program as Cubicles Fill Again

WSJ: The fast-casual chain has opened 18 new delivery stations in the past two weeks.

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Simple Virtual Kitchen Launches Suite of Virtual Brands to Assist Restaurants

Simple Virtual Kitchen's system allows restaurants to profit from making what they already serve on their existing menu.

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