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September 16, 2021

Peter Cook, Editor

This is a really good issue of the Digest.  Take the time to read through it.  Big news this week as Chick-fil-A and Genghis Grill expand with delivery-only ventures.  Dunkin’ opens it’s first digital-only restaurant.


October 19th is fast approaching for the Florida Ghost Kitchen and Virtual Restaurant Seminar.  It will take place in Tampa on October 19th.  The event website is https://ontrendconcepts.com/florida/.


The 2nd Annual Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Conference is set for June 9-10, 2022 in Dallas!!  For more information visit https://ontrendconcepts.com/ghostkitchen2/.

Please feel free to share the Ghost Kitchen Digest with any co-workers, clients, or vendors whom you think would be interested.


And now, the news…

Issue #60

Chick-fil-A is opening a new delivery-only restaurant in 2 cities that will serve wings, salads, and BLTs

Little Blue Menu will serve normal Chick-fil-A fare plus wings and other chicken dishes.

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Dunkin’ unveils its first-ever digital-only restaurant in Boston

Dunkin’ unveiled its first-ever digital-only restaurant in Boston on Tuesday.

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Resy And CLEAR Partner To Help Restaurants With Health Requirements

As more states and municipalities start mandating proof of vaccination for indoor activities and employment, the already understaffed hospitality industry is hit with yet another burden.

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Perkins Makes a Virtual Restaurant Play With Bakery Brand

Perkins tested the new concept at stores in Florida and Minnesota for several months before receiving the blessing to expand to all company-owned stores this summer. 

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Walmart Gives Shoppers the (Salad)Works

The next few months will see a flurry of openings of Saladworks locations in U.S. Walmart stores.

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Cloud kitchens: the future of restaurant franchising?

This model of QSR growth has been accelerated by the pandemic, and it shows no signs of slowing.

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For food delivery services, private label is the next battleground

As the food delivery market matures, third-party operators are betting that creating their own, private label meals will help them stand out.

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4 Reasons Ghost Kitchens Will Succeed in the New Normal

The rise of ghost kitchens happened gradually, then suddenly. But don’t expect them to disappear as fast as they arrived.

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Cloud Kitchen Market to Hit $71.4 Billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 12.0%

The global cloud kitchen market is expected to witness significant growth owing to increase in demand for fast food among millennial and Gen Z. 

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Cloud Kitchen Market Outlook 2021: Big Things are Happening

HTF Market Intelligence released study explored over 15+ countries with detailed data layout spread from 2016 to 2026 and nearly 12+ regional indicators of Worldwide Cloud Kitchen Market.

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How new tech can improve margin transparency for food businesses

Food businesses are embracing innovations like automation, drones and ghost kitchens to save time and money and improve the eating experience for their customers.

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‘Iron Chef’ Jose Garces Opens a Ghost Kitchen for Fish Tacos in D.C.

A delivery-only offshoot of Philadelphia-based taco shop Buena Onda arrives in D.C. this week.

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6 Emerging Tech Companies to Watch Amid Ghost Kitchen Boom

Fifty percent of all restaurants could be virtual by 2030, leaving plenty of space for start-ups to step up.

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In-Store Ghost Kitchens Turn Walmart Into Uber Eats Competitor

The retailer is making a play to be consumers’ one-stop shop in the connected “Eat” category, meeting both their restaurant and grocery needs.

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Why the Ghost Kitchen of the Future Could Be Vertical

As the industry evolves, some providers are shifting to a more fully integrated model.

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How restaurants have innovated to face the pandemic

Ghost Kitchens, sometimes also called Cloud Kitchens, are just one of many business and technical innovations restaurants have adopted in the last year to survive the economic pressures of the pandemic.

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Ghost Kitchen Concept ‘Kitchen Hub’ Plans Significant 50 Location Cross-Canada Expansion

Today, Kitchen Hub has plans to roll out eventually across the country with more than 50 locations.

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Surprise! Your Image of Ghost Kitchens Might Be Wrong

One of the drivers of the industry’s growth is the industry’s increasing reliance on ghost kitchens. 

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How ghost kitchens are staying alive as Toronto reopens

Indie delivery and takeout kitchens are noticing a dip in business, but chefs have a few strategies to keep orders coming.

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High-Tech Ovens Help This Ghost Kitchen Concept Save Money on Labor

How multi-purpose cooking equipment boosts efficiency.

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Hawaiian Bros to open next five locations in Dallas and Northern suburbs fall 2021

The island-inspired fast casual concept is opening their Frisco, Little Elm, Allen, Greenville Ave, and Addison locations.

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AB Talks: How Kitopi grew from a start-up to a $1 billion in three years

It’s a milestone which the cloud kitchen company passed in just three years in operation.

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Screen to Snack

Movie theatres are expanding their food and beverage business to beat the pandemic blues.

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Dark stores will create more collaborators than competitors

At the crux of such rapid delivery is an infrastructure of delivery only warehouses, typically housing the most popular foodstuffs, set up close to built up areas.

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Automated Boba Bar Startup Integrates Facial Recognition Payments to Build Loyalty Through Frictionless Convenience

Bobacino announced a partnership with facial recognition payment company PopID to enable consumers to pay for their beverage with their faces.

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Restaurants Can Beat Inflation with a Generous Helping of Data

One way restaurants are trying to mitigate price hikes is by adapting their menus.

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How To Promote Food Sales For Your Ghost Kitchen

The main aim of establishing a ghost kitchen is to sell your creative culinary skills to your target audience.

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Report: Quick-service restaurants create delivery-only banners

A number of leading quick-service chains are reportedly launching brands that exclusively serve customers using third-party delivery platforms.

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How to Start a Ghost Kitchen in 13 Steps

The ghost kitchen concept has been developing since the early 2010s, but consumer demand for food delivery in 2020 led to an explosion in ghost kitchens.

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Behind Every Cloud is Another Cloud

Dubai: Why are cloud kitchens the future?

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Let food delivery apps grow first; tax them later, say industry experts

India: The fitment committee is understood to have recommended that the GST Council should treat food delivery and cloud kitchen companies as restaurant services and tax them accordingly.

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'Ghost Kitchens' Boom In Asia As Pandemic Sparks Huge Demand

Asia: The recent boom in food delivery apps meant customers were already used to having restaurant quality meals quickly delivered to their homes.

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