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Grocery Delivery Digest

October 27, 2020

Peter Cook, Publisher

Third-party delivery services are doing their part to help the people around them. Instacart has announced a partnership with Aldi this past week which will allow customers to use food stamps for grocery delivery. DoorDash has also begun an initiative to help resurrect closed kitchens. This, and much more is featured right here.

An exciting new trend that has been developing more steadily is the use of robot delivery services. This past week Oregon State University began using delivery robots to bring meals to students across the campus. On a small scale like a college campus, the concept seems to work really well! How about on a major city scale? That’ll be something exciting to look out for.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy all the best with your Delivery Digest.

Issue #27

Instacart Bridges Low-Income Grocery Delivery Divide

Instacart is taking a major stand on the issue of food insecurity.

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Whole Foods Market Launches Free Grocery Pickup at All Stores

Whole Foods Market has started offering free one-hour grocery pickup from any of its U.S. stores for members of Amazon’s Prime customer benefits program.

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DoorDash Launches Program To Revive Closed Restaurants Using Ghost Kitchens

Krazy Hog BBQ in Chicago, closed since March, reboots under DoorDash’s Reopen for Delivery initiative; the delivery operator is matching shuttered restaurants with ghost kitchen operators.

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Ordermark Unveils New Partnership with Waitr

Ordermark, a leading mobile-order technology service aggregator for restaurants, is announcing a new partnership today with Waitr, a popular on-demand food ordering and delivery company.

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7-Eleven Adds Delivery Providers As Small-Basket E-Commerce Accelerates

With recent integrations with Uber Eats, Grubhub and Instacart, convenience store chain 7-Eleven now offers delivery through seven different third-party services, covering 90% of its service area.

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Delivery Gave Chipotle Sales a Lift. But That's a Problem

Delivery is soaring in popularity as people order in instead of going to restaurants in the pandemic.

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H Mart Teams Up with Shipt for Online Grocery Delivery

Asian-American supermarket chain H Mart has expanded on-demand delivery service through a partnership with Shipt.

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Local Governments Turn Up the Heat on Delivery Companies

Activity this week included a Nevada county's decision to refer Grubhub to the state attorney general’s office.

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Robots Provide Contactless Food Delivery at Oregon State University

Oregon State University provided a novel solution to the need for contactless food delivery on campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, using a fleet of autonomous robots.

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Modesto, Grocers, and Robots Partner To Get Provisions to Needy Residents

Since the pandemic began, more residents are utilizing e-cart or grocery delivery services. Now, in Modesto residents have another grocery shopping option: robot delivery.

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What Is the Most Ethical Way To Order In?

The food delivery industry has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic, but not without some allegations of questionable practices that have drawn the ire of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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Walmart Canada Launches Sustainable Grocery Delivery

Walmart Canada has introduced a sustainable online grocery delivery option in metropolitan Vancouver through a partnership with Food-X Urban Delivery Inc.

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UK’s First Commission-Free Delivery App Set To Boost Sheffield Hospitality Sector

A local independent app developer and hospitality operator has created iBe, the UK’s first commission free way for independents to deliver to customers.

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Wolt and Delivery Hero Eye Up Stakes in Japan’s Food Delivery Market

European food delivery companies are betting on success in the sizeable Japanese market with Wolt and Delivery Hero-owned Foodpanda expanding into the country.

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Thai Siam Commercial Bank Launches Food Delivery App Amid Competition

Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank Pcl (SCB) on Monday launched a food delivery platform, Robinhood, amid growing competition in the sector in Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy.

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Food Delivery Volumes Spike in Small Cities Due To Reverse Migration

Metro dwellers shifting back to their hometowns has boosted food delivery volumes in smaller cities, with food tech firms witnessing order value close to doubling in Tier 2 locations.

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Pick n Pay Buys Grocery Delivery Service Bottles

Pick n Pay has concluded a deal to purchase on-demand alcohol and grocery delivery service Bottles.

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Grocery Pickup Is Here To Stay. Here's How It's Evolving

Brick Meets Click survey data has shown shoppers are opting for pickup over delivery during the pandemic, with 54% of sales coming through click-and-collect in June.

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Consumers Are Embracing Restaurants' Accommodations to the Pandemic

Ghost kitchens and other adjustments to new realities are bringing permanent shifts in consumer behavior, according to a new study.

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72% of Franchisees Have Enhanced Delivery

While 86% of franchisee respondents offered delivery and online ordering prior to the pandemic, 72% have implemented enhancements in these channels since the pandemic.

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In-House Delivery Needs To Disrupt Delivery

Some of the talk at last week’s Smart Kitchen Summit revolved around two newish concepts that are especially compelling when it comes to thinking about restaurants: in-house delivery and disrupting third-party delivery.

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Rural America Is the Next E-Commerce Frontier

If your food and home supplies depend on local pickup and delivery, and you live in rural strongholds, you might be in for some shortages. E-commerce is not every rural community's Holy Grail for shopping.

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What Do You Mean It Was Hard To Get Groceries Online During Lockdown?

Although there has been a significant spike, the sudden rush to online grocery shopping has mainly been constrained by one simple fact: a lack of availability of delivery slots.

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Grocery Delivery Brands Are in a Dead Heat on Trust

Even though grocery delivery services as a whole have boomed in popularity during the pandemic, that has not necessarily meant any one of them has broken away from the pack when it comes to consumer trust.

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