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This is just a sampling of what the attendees had to say about the 1st Annual International Ghost Kitchen Conference.  These comments are not just on the quality of the conference, but also include some great insights into the direction of the industry and some of the information and discussions shared by industry leaders on the various panels.  Read through these to get a great summary on the state of the industry.


Dec Penfold’s post.


Ashwin Kamlani’s post.


Carl Jacobs’ post.


Post from Nicolas Maelfait.


Post from the Grubtech team.


Comments by Eccie & Gini Newton.


Akshara Walia post.


Karan Tanna comments.


Mate Kun comments.


Thierry Rousset provides a summary.


Matthias Laga post.


Comments by Omar Romero.


Milapsinh Jadeja comments.


Andrew Maxwell post.


Nic Cann post. 


Comments by the KLC Virtual Restaurants team.


Frank Velasco post. 


KBOX Global comments.


QSRP comments.


Comments by Matthias Schneider.


Stephan Leuschner post.


Another post by Ashwin Kamlani.


Rohan Jetley comments.


Meredith Sandland post.


Sean Murray comments.


Comments by Aankush Bhatia.


Another Meredith Sandland observation.


Alex Canter post.


WhiteSpace Partners post. 


Additional comments by Matthias Schneider.


Comments by Remo Gianfrancesco.


Post by Yousif Kurdi.


Hunger Brands post.


Comment by Norbert Swierad.


Nextbite post.


EasyOrder post.


Post by Kitchenomiks.


Richard Evers post.


ShoppinPal post.


Post by Clone.


Aju Samuel post.


Post by Virturant.


Comment by Paul Haworth.


Apicbase provides some feedback.


It is humbling to see so many great comments from industry leaders from around the world.

And this is just a sampling.  Sorry you missed it?  Join us in Houston this July for the 3rd Annual Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Conference!