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OnTrend Concepts is a clearinghouse of information, a source for networking, and a gateway to business opportunities regarding all things related to grocery delivery. Through the Grocery Delivery Digest, we review thousands of articles each week and provide our subscribers all the pertinent news and information related to grocery delivery, convenience store delivery, and automated warehousing and fulfillment centers. We discuss mergers & acquisitions, investments, partnerships, new technology, robotics, ai, data management, and other issues related to grocery delivery. 

Through our conferences and other events, we bring together industry leaders to facilitate networking, deal-making, and the sharing of information in an in-person setting. Subscribe to the Grocery Delivery Digest, sign up for our events, and join our Grocery Delivery Group on LinkedIn to take full advantage of what we have to offer.

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All the pertinent news articles from the previous week related to the business of grocery and restaurant delivery. Issues covered are national trends, technology, contracts announced, capital markets, food safety, and other related news.