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June 22, 2022

Peter Cook, Editor

Plenty of interesting articles in the Ghost Kitchen Digest this week, especially podcasts and international news.  Take a look!

And now, the news…

Issue #98

Saltalk turns up the heat on its virtual kitchen following new $8M cash infusion

Saltalk, a virtual kitchen and e-commerce platform, closed on $8 million of Series A financing to continue developing its one-two punch of authentic cuisine, made by both restaurant chefs and home cooks, and food supply resources and logistics.

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How local restaurant Chipmonks went from “surviving to thriving” through virtual restaurant brands

In this customer story, we’ll dig into the Chipmonks story, COVID-19’s impact on the business, and how owner Joseph increased sales and revenue through virtual restaurant brands and Future Foods.

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The most successful restaurants last year grew their omnichannel technology, not their portfolio

Nearly one-fifth of the chains in the NRN Top 500 grew their AUVs while their store growth shrank or stagnated. The secret? Omnichannel digital expansion.

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How QSRs and Cloud Kitchens can master the art of multi-location presence

The food needs to have the same taste, doesn't matter which city you have it in. The other way is to make city based centralised kitchens.

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European food delivery firms face forecast cuts as inflation surges

European food delivery companies will be forced to slash their forecasts in the second half of the year as record-high inflation and rising borrowing costs take a toll on consumers, analysts at J.P. Morgan said.

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LinkedIn Posts Related to the Ghost Kitchen Conference

There were so many posts on LinkedIn related to the conference that we woulc not include them in this Ghost Kitchen Digest. We posted a sampling of them online for you to review.

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Food Delivery News Podcast: John DiLoreto

Interview with Flipdish’s President of North America

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Podcast: Growing global host kitchen marketplaces with Rishi Nigam of Franklin Junction

In this episode, we’ll chat about how the platform identifies new opportunities for CPG and restaurant brands to scale delivery in new markets, how the economics work between various partners, and the technology it leverages to unlock incremental sales.

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Podcast: Ghost in Camo

Kevin Rohani talks about how data, CAD drawings, and an aversion to food waste led to a 12-brand ghost kitchen on steroids.

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Brazil: Podcast - Funding the Largest Restaurant Delivery Operation in South America

Michel Eberhardt has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship – 25 years of brilliance and breaks. AND, that includes funding the largest restaurant delivery operation in South America, as well as an investor and board member of Inmetrics - one of the leading IT performance companies in South America.

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Spike in Friendly Fraud Triggers Review of Chargeback Mechanisms

First-party misuse — known as “friendly” fraud — can be difficult to detect, and reducing it is a delicate matter of telling true policy abusers apart from innocent parties. Either way, it ends in chargebacks, extra costs and missing merchandise for merchants eating these losses.

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How to create KITOPI like online cloud kitchen platform?

Let’s discuss what is cloud kitchen, what is kitopi and its features, types of cloud kitchen models, and its cost in this blog.

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UAE: Emergence of Cloud Kitchens in the UAE

With the increased penetration of dark kitchens following the COVID pandemic, the UAE online food delivery market is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 23%, based on the research from business consulting company RedSeer, with over 400 brands and more than 80 locations in the UAE, the number of dark kitchen brands and outlets has expanded as well.

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MENA: Meet The MENA Startup Behind The Food You Love: Kaykroo's 23 Virtual Restaurant Brands Are Making Their Presence Felt In Saudi Arabia and The UAE

From its 330 operational virtual restaurants, Kaykroo has taken the delivery food business by storm, and forged a role as the largest cloud kitchen platform for its own virtual restaurants in the UAE.

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India: Kytchens raises funds of 6.5 Crore Equity from Anicut Capital and other marquee investors

The funding will empower Kytchens to build a robust and agile team with the right skill sets and capabilities to accelerate its growth in the Indian market. Additionally, the cloud kitchen service provider will aim towards expanding its footprints across Mumbai and nearby cities like Pune, and Nashik in Maharashtra and across tier 2 markets in South Gujarat.

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South Korea: Delivery-only Restaurants Struggle to Survive with High Inflation and Eased Social Distancing Rules

Delivery-only restaurants are facing a life-or-death situation due to the lifting of social distancing rules and the sky-high prices of food materials. Owners of such restaurants that opened during the peak of the pandemic from late last year to early this year are giving up operations or opting to sell their business.

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Thailand: Siamese Asset plans major cloud kitchen expansion

Siamese Asset wants to offer 86 cloud kitchens to 344 food and beverage shops this year. The company aims to have a total of 494 cloud kitchens by 2026, with as many as 1,976 eateries as customers.

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China: JD.com Considers On-Demand Food Delivery in China

It Would Face Off Against Alibaba and Meituan.

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