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June 9, 2022

Peter Cook, Editor

A relatively slow news week as industry leaders and innovators gather at the annual Ghost Kitchen and Virtual Restaurant Conference.  While inflation continues to boost fuel and food costs, innovators continue to tackle those challenges with hard work and creativity.

Ghost Financial launches an education program for operators, Grubhub enters the ghost kitchen game, and stories are plentiful about rising costs and their impact.

And now, the news…

Issue #96

Ghost Financial Launches Online Learning Platform for Ghost Kitchen Operators

GhostU will provide industry-leading insights that enable success and profitability of ghost kitchens.

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Why Host Kitchens Represent The Future Of The Food Delivery Industry

A host kitchen effectively optimizes excess kitchen capacity in an existing restaurant for additional food offerings.

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ETtech Explainer: What are cloud kitchens?

Also called ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens are cooking facilities dedicated to food delivery.

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Grubhub to Get Into the Ghost Kitchen Game

Grubhub announced this week that it will be opening its own ghost kitchen in 20 cities.

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Gas prices taking a toll on restaurants and food delivery services

As gas prices continue to climb, the pain at the pump is taking a toll.

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Restaurants feeling inflation squeeze, ‘struggling’ with 'crazy' high food costs

Businesses are "struggling" with "crazy" high food costs and staffing shortages.

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High gas prices impacting local food delivery drivers firsthand

The rapid rise has more people thinking about every trip especially local food delivery drivers.

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Survey: Less Americans tipping at sit-down restaurants, food delivery

Only 57% of Americans always tip on food delivery - a drop from 63% in 2019.

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Food trucks burn out from rising grocery and gas costs

Gas prices are the highest they’ve been in U.S. history, and grocery bills are skyrocketing.

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8 in 10 Delivery Drivers Are Eating Your Food

A new survey has found food delivery drivers admit to eating part of their customer's order.

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Fast food restaurants do away with dining rooms

Quick-service and fast-casual restaurant chains continue to offer up prototypes that don’t feature indoor seating.

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Luxor ditches room service for digital food-delivery system

Luxor has started a new food delivery program to replace traditional room service at the resort.

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JustKitchen Enters India via Virtual Kitchen Services Agreement

The Company has Signed an Agreement with India's Largest Co-Shared Kitchen Space Provider.

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Grubtech ramps up international expansion with launch of Egypt operations

UAE-headquartered restaurant and cloud kitchen management platform has launched operations in Egypt.

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Grubhub’s free lunch fiasco still costing restaurants money

More than two weeks after Grubhub’s free lunch fiasco, restaurants are still holding the proverbial bag.

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