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September 2, 2020

Peter Cook, Editor

News stories have been popping up everywhere about restaurants beginning their new line of ghost kitchens. This week is no different! The big players: brands like Quiznos and Capriotti’s. The smaller players are doing some great things as well, including ghost kitchen meal kits. For that story, see “The Unlikely Rise of the Restaurant Meal Kit”.

The highlights of this week’s digest are definitely the articles included. There is a well written article from the New York Times called “As Food Deliveries Boom, So Do Ghost Kitchens”. The pieces on food trucks and food trailers are both very interesting as well. New ideas are springing up everywhere, and their stories are found here! So grab a cup of coffee and take a minute to catch up on all your ghost kitchen news.

Issue #6

Quiznos Owner Partners with Ghost Kitchen Brands

REGO Restaurant Group, which includes the Quiznos and Taco Del Mar brands, has partnered with Ghost Kitchen Brands to better serve its delivery and in-restaurant customers.

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Capriotti's Launches Brand's First Ghost Kitchens in California

Both Capriotti's ghost kitchens are open and ready to fulfill orders.

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Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Parent Hatches a New Fast Casual

The chicken chain started as a ghost kitchen when COVID delayed construction.

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Muscle Maker Grill Adds Two Ghost Kitchen Locations

Muscle Maker announced that it has signed an agreement to open two more ghost kitchens in Philadelphia. The company will now operate seven ghost kitchen facilities in two major cities across the U.S.

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Why Wingstop Is Doubling Down on Its Exclusive Partnership with DoorDash

In late 2018, Wingstop signed an exclusive partnership deal with DoorDash. It certainly wasn’t a significant headline in the industry at that time.

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Postmates Launches Its First Ghost Kitchen In Downtown LA

When it comes to ghost kitchen models there are real estate plays like CloudKitchens on one side, pure-play subleased facilities like Kitchen United and DoorDash Kitchens in the middle, and asset-light franchise models on the other.

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The Unlikely Rise of the Restaurant Meal Kit

An interesting and new take to the ghost kitchen concept has emerged in the UK.

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Ghost Kitchens Are Very Much Alive in South Florida

The digital age means consumers can enjoy a restaurant experience without leaving the comfort of their own home.

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The Local Culinary Launches As First Ghost Kitchen Franchise

Putting 50 restaurant brands in one kitchen. That’s the model of The Local Culinary, launched last year in Miami and now calling itself the first ghost kitchen franchise to hit the market.

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Uncertainty Is the Only Certainty According To Restaurants Canada’s Foodservice Facts Report

What does the next normal look like for Canada’s restaurant industry? The 2020 Foodservice Facts Report released by Restaurants Canada sheds some light on this question.

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As Food Deliveries Boom, So Do Ghost Kitchens

Several new companies and models have emerged to help restaurants by making food off-site, and even delivering it.

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Why the Virtual Brand Gold Rush May Not Be All It's Cracked Up To Be

Robert Byrne, director of consumer and industry insights at Technomic, joins the RB podcast “A Deeper Dive” to discuss one of the biggest trends in the restaurant industry.

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Food Trailers Are Poised To Be A Big Winner in the Post-Covid World

As the world slowly and tentatively re-opens in the wake of the coronavirus lock-downs, restaurants continue to be among the hardest-hit businesses.

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Why is Nobody Talking About a Mobile Food Strategy?

No longer considered just a marketing vehicle, a mobile food facility is the ideal infrastructure to break from the constraints of real estate and expand in an off-premises world.

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Beastro Is a Robot for Ghost Kitchens

With more restaurants ditching the front of house for smaller-format, delivery-only operations, the logical next step is to automate as much of that new format as possible, which is now starting to happen.

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Ghost Kitchens Pop Up in the Age of COVID

A well written summary of a handful of Ghost Kitchens' highlights from the past few months.

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5 Ways To Maximize Restaurant Concepts Through Ghost Kitchens

Restaurants are going to have to adjust their business model to stay in business.

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Cordia Kitchens Updates Ghost Kitchen Progress

Cordia Corporation today provided an update on the execution of its ghost kitchen business plan.

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Revolving Kitchen’s Commercial Kitchen Rentals Thrive

Revolving Kitchen's ghost kitchens are equipped with the infrastructure necessary to develop a new concept or scale while driving costs down. Popular chains like Wingstop have taken notice—in a COVID-19 world, all you need is a kitchen.

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Everything to Know About the New Delivery/Takeout-Only Food Hall in D.C.

Ghost Line DC houses multiple chefs making fried chicken sandwiches, multiple styles of pizza, Indian khichdi, ramen, and sushi, all under one roof.

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