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December 30, 2020

Peter Cook, Editor

As 2020 draws to a close, it’s astounding to think of the tremendous developments ghost kitchens have made in the restaurant industry. Restaurants have expanded more dramatically than they ever have before; innumerable new brands have been created, becoming widely popular; innovations in operations and technology have revolutionized the restaurant space. In spite of many hardships this year, looking ahead to 2021, there is a lot to look forward to.

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Issue #23

Dickey's Opens 3 Ghost Kitchens

Dallas-based barbecue franchise, Dickey's Barbecue Pit, opened three ghost kitchen last week in Chicago, Orlando and Oakland, California, respectively.

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See Where the Fight for Ghost Kitchen Dominance Is Heating Up

We mapped out the locations of ghost kitchens run by ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's CloudKitchen and competitor REEF Technology.

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Capriotti’s Announces Deal To Open 12 Stores in Greater Miami Area

With a mixture of brick-and-mortar locations and ghost kitchens, Capriotti’s is seeking to reach a wide variety of customers in the area as consumer preferences continue to evolve to include greater off-premises dining.

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More Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants Opening in Phoenix

In the Valley, a handful of these ghost kitchens have opened. Some before the pandemic and others during it, but amid the pandemic, some restaurant owners said it has helped to boost their to-go sales, especially while restaurants are limited to 50% capacity.

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Keystone Bar and Grill's 'Ghost Kitchens' Help Keep Restaurants Open

When Four Entertainment Group faced the restaurant restrictions announced in March to slow the coronavirus spread, the group's leadership realized they needed to reinvent its business model.

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This Renowned Chinatown Restaurant Is Bringing Their Dining Experience to Your Home

In this episode of Ghost Kitchen, Thrillist visits the always popular Chinese Tuxedo in Manhattan's Chinatown. The palatial restaurant is located on the historic Doyers Street.

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Delivery-Only 'Ghost' Kitchens Flourish During Pandemic

You can't eat there or collect your meal. But so-called ghost kitchens, which only prepare food for delivery, are booming in the United States during the pandemic.

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‘Ghost’ Kitchens Growing in Popularity

The lockdown has provided for some in the food industry to come up with innovative ways to keep their businesses going.

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It’s Like a Mall Food Court—Without the Mall

Out of a single kitchen, menus from up to 20 food companies can be ordered and are prepared by just two to four employees.

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Stella’s Opens Cloud Kitchen in Holland

Grand Rapids-based Stella’s Lounge teamed up with HopCat Holland earlier this month to open Stella’s Cloud Kitchen.

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Virtual Restaurant Major Rebel Foods Eyes Partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai

India-based Rebel Foods, billed as one of world's largest virtual restaurant companies, plans to enter into a partnership deal with Expo 2020 Dubai.

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New 'Ghost Kitchen' Initiatives Can Help Save Chefs Amid COVID-19

The new culinary concept, which helps chefs and cooks survive while their restaurants are closed, may just be what will save them from going bankrupt.

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2020 Trends: Expectations vs. Reality

Here's how the crisis impacted the trends we originally predicted for the year.

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The Consideration of Ghost Kitchens

While a Ghost Kitchen is not for everyone, if you have the capability for additional output from your existing kitchen this may be something to consider.

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Are the Benefits of Ghost Kitchens More Spectral Than Real?

Some experts in the foodservice world say that the benefits of ghost kitchens might be more illusory than real for many restaurants.

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Feast or Famine: How Restaurants and Grocery Stores Will Evolve in the Years Ahead

In this episode, Geekwire is taking a close look at the future of food. We’ll talk to restaurant owners about how they plan to rebound in a post-pandemic world, and hear from innovators who are transforming food production, the supply chain and the modern-day grocery store.

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Daily Jam Changes the Game with Ghost Kitchens in 2020

Continuing to stand out for its emphasis on innovation in a year of stiff competition, Daily Jam will maintain its forward momentum heading into 2021.

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