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December 16, 2020

Peter Cook, Editor

This week brings you some fantastic interviews from some fantastic companies, one of which is our own conversation with Kitchen United’s Atul Sood. Each of the interviews suggest new ideas and new trends that are developing within the world of ghost kitchens. The articles at the end of the newsletter cover these topics as well. In short, there is just a lot of good material to dive into this week!

So, without further adieu, we’ll let you get to it. As the holidays are steadily approaching, please keep an eye out for some big news related to the development of The Ghost Kitchen Conference. And as always, enjoy your Ghost Kitchen Digest!

Issue #21

Tech Platform Partners with Chefs To Launch Virtual Brands

Foodhaul, a technology platform that partners with chefs to create delivery-only virtual restaurant brands, announces a partnership with Top Chef alum and hospitality developer, Fabio Viviani of Fabio Viviani Hospitality Group.

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Kitchen United Charts a Course to Restaurant Success

At OnTrend Concepts, we recently had the pleasure of interviewing Atul Sood, the Chief Business Officer of Kitchen United. In hearing from Atul, it became clear that a major factor in Kitchen United’s own success is their attentive commitment to the success of their partners.

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How Sam Nazarian's C3 Is Unleashing the Future of Restaurants

The company is operating multiple brands per kitchen in a diverse portfolio of venues.

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Aloha Poke CEO Chris Birkinshaw Explains Why He Chose Reef Kitchens

Aloha Poke CEO Chris Birkinshaw was in a “wait and see” mode when it came to dipping his brand’s toe into the murky waters of the ghost kitchen space last year before the pandemic.

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Muscle Maker Opens First REEF Location in New York City

Muscle Maker, Inc., a fast-casual brand known for serving “healthier for you” meals, today announced it has officially opened its first partnership location with REEF Neighborhood Kitchens in NYC.

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How Ordermark’s Latest Funding Haul Could Help Independent Restaurants Survive The Pandemic

Online ordering management company Ordermark, co-founded by CEO Alex Canter in 2017, just surpassed $1 billion in sales–no surprise considering the staggering growth of digital channels incited by the pandemic.

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Crave Delivery Opens Serving Boise and the Treasure Valley

Crave Delivery has opened its virtual-kitchen operation in Meridian with an assortment of restaurants serving the Boise area. They range from Tokyo Hot Chicken to Mac 'n Cue and more.

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Ghost Kitchens Help To Maximize Hotel F&B Space

Food-and-beverage experts from Davidson Restaurant Group, Butler Hospitality and C3 explain how embracing “ghost kitchens”—a term with different connotations for different businesses—can benefit hoteliers.

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Keys To Running a Successful Ghost Kitchen

With restaurant foot traffic projected to remain low as tighter restrictions are put into place, smart restaurateurs have adopted a new approach to help them sustain and even grow throughout the pandemic and beyond with ghost kitchens.

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Are Ghost Kitchens the Future of the Restaurant Industry?

COVID-19 is fueling the rise of virtual kitchens. Here's why some industry experts say they're here to stay.

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You May Not See Them, but Ghost Kitchens Are Here To Stay

Ghost kitchens were just beginning to grow in popularity prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, social distancing measures and increased demand for food delivery have accelerated the trend.

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Finding the Ghost Kitchen Model That’s Right for Your Business

While the term ghost kitchen refers broadly to any operation that only prepares orders for off-premises dining (no on-site dining, no waitstaff) there are myriad configurations of how the back-of-house is set up and organized.

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The Best Location for a Ghost Kitchen Is Not Where You Think

Once the pandemic subsidies, food halls make a lot of sense for ghost kitchens.

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‘Just Do What Domino’s Did’

We gathered restaurant operators, tech companies, ghost kitchen infrastructure providers, and thought-leaders together to discuss not just the promise ghost kitchens hold for restaurants, but also the realities those businesses must face when using this model.

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Evolving Kitchens

In recent years, as restaurants adapted to changing consumers and looked for new methods of getting food into their hands, the back of house has evolved along with it. No longer is there simply a kitchen in the back of a serving area.

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Future Restaurants Will Fit in a Shipping Container and Have No Humans in the Kitchen

Flippy, the Miso Robotics kitchen robot that White Castle signed a contract to test just recently, can cook 17 different types of foods (and counting) with higher-end capabilities for higher-class foods like steak coming soon.

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Pastaholics Set To Become Atlanta’s Latest Delivery-Only Restaurant

Another delivery-only restaurant opens soon in Atlanta, this time serving build-your-own pasta dishes. Located at the Forrest Neighborhood Kitchen facility in the Berkeley Park neighborhood, Pastaholics begins delivering via most third-party services.

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