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August 31, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

Great, succinct issue this week!


Moving forward, we’ll be publishing the Ghost Kitchen Digest once per month, and we’ll try to keep it a little shorter.


And keep an eye out for an exciting ghost kitchen event announcement coming soon!


And now, the news…

Issue #148

Empower Delivery Getting OOMI’s Ducks in a Row

OOMI, a single-location delivery kitchen in downtown Dallas, has begun using Empower Delivery to optimize its kitchen management in-house delivery program.

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Dog Haus appoints new CEO from Kitchen United

Michael Montagano is joining Dog Haus as its first CEO. He will lead the chain as it grows its franchising system and off-premise sales.

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theDelivery.World: Is Restaurant Delivery Scalable?

This issue of theDelivery.World is about the role of scalability in attracting investment to restaurant delivery, and the challenges it places on management.

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JFK T8 Innovation Partners issues Request for Information as Food Hall tender nears

Company is seeking Requests for Information (RFI) from potential operators interested in the opportunity to develop and manage the Food Hall concessions at New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Terminal 8. The US$125 million project will feature more than 60 new shopping and restaurant offerings, including a Food Hall inside the new Great Hall development. In the Food Hall, some 15,978sq ft of space is available in the main terminal, with an additional 1,223sq ft set aside for a ghost kitchen.

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A recipe for economic growth: South Dallas Cloud Kitchen 'an answer to prayer'

Poverty and food deserts are just some of the problems plaguing the Forest District in South Dallas. The facility, planned to be open 24/7, is designed to help entrepreneurs in South Dallas get their businesses off the ground.

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The future of food as a service

For many, home-delivered food has changed eating from a vital necessity to a fast service known precisely as ‘food as a service’. It is a new market still riddled with constantly evolving legal loopholes. Its effects are beginning to show for better and worse.

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Why are dozens of NYC delivery-only restaurants not yet listed on grading website?

Investigation has found that dozens of delivery and pickup-only restaurants in New York City are not yet listed in the city's public online health grading database for restaurants.

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Carl Knows Digital

Carl Orsbourn as a guest on a great podcast by Digestible Tech With Danny Stoller And Michael Potter.

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MENA: Unleashing the Potential of Food/Q-Commerce Delivery in UAE

The food delivery industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by evolving consumer expectations and the adoption of innovative technologies.

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MENA: KLC Virtual Restaurants: Cloud Kitchens Re-Imagined

What started as a humble family business has grown into a thriving enterprise driven by a passionate team with over a decade of experience working together.

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Down Under: The Rise of Dark Kitchens and Chef Collective with Arin Aghazarian

This episode opens a conversation on what they are – and what they’re not. Arin is the General Manager of Chef Collective – a leading Smart Kitchen operator in Australia – and oversees the business development, operations and customer success functions.

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