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July 12, 2023

Matt Cook, Editor

Pretty quiet week in drive-thru news, but still some good articles worth reading.  Enjoy!


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And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #74

Maximizing Drive-Thru Traffic with Outdoor Digital Reader Boards

How to boost drive-thru efficiency and revenue.

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Drive-thru Technology Expanding in 2023 and Beyond

Drive-thru technology is rapidly expanding in the restaurant industry.

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The Future of Drive-Thru Technology in Australia: Revolutionising the Customer Experience

Drive-thru is being increasingly employed to revolutionize the way businesses operate.

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Chick-fil-A is opening a new drive-thru on the Mississippi Coast. Here’s how it works

Chicken on Pass will be a Chick-fil-A drive-thru window only, with a limited express menu and limited hours.

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The End-to-End Solution that Will Increase Drive-Thru Velocity and Sales

Operators report a return on investment in as little as nine months after installing this solution.

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Starbucks barista shares PSA on how to speed up drive-thru lines

"Have your payment ready at the window, especially if you've been waiting for a long time."

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Shake Shack opens first international drive-thru in the Middle East

A milestone in the company’s commitment to new operating formats.

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Labor gets stuck in the drive-thru

Organized labor is pushing California lawmakers to enact first-in-the-nation standards for fast-food workers.

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Opinion: AI and Drive-Thrus Make a Bad Combo

Speech recognition software has its challenges at the best of times.

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Tesla’s Left-Hand-Drive UK Vehicles Come With A Grabber For Your Drive-Thru

The Reacher is a grabbing stick meant for drivers to be able to reach the passenger window.

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