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June 28, 2023

Matt Cook, Editor

Is it possible to be too successful?  We offer drive-thru service because our customers love the convenience.  But when too many customers want that service it creates traffic.  And resentment.  So now we face the challenge of some authorities wanting to shut down drive-thru service.  Some interesting articles this week discussing this dilemma.  And how do we better serve our customers while not upsetting others impacted by them?  Enjoy!

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And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #73

It’s Time to Revisit the ‘Restaurant of the Future’

In the end, COVID-19 created two lasting consumer demands—convenience and frictionless digital experiences.

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The Drive-Thru Is the Antithesis of City Living, Planners Say

Some city planners are hoping to stop their construction altogether.

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Drive-thrus are creating problems for cities and towns

Americans visit drive-thrus approximately 6 billion times a year.

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Kiosks, AI keeping wait times down at Scooter's drive-thrus

How technology helps Scooter's Coffee with its "scoot on through" customer service model.

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Study: Chick-fil-A Has the Most Satisfied Customers

Overall customer satisfaction appears strong across the industry, for now.

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The 50 most popular chain restaurants in America, according to data.

Read on for a look at America's vast and divergent variety of chain restaurants.

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These 5 Fast Food Chains Need to Turn Things Around in 2023

Out of the top 50 restaurants in America only five brands saw a net loss in systemwide sales last year.

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Don't Forget the Ketchup: 8 Drive-Thru Mistakes You're Probably Making

There are so many moving parts in fast food, and you don’t want to mess with its delicate nature.

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