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February 16, 2022

Matt Cook, Editor

It was a pretty busy news week for the Drive-Thru world.  All indications are that drive-thru growth will continue for the foreseeable future.  In fact, there could be more opportunities for portfolio-scale projects and innovation as grocery stores, retail alcohol, and others get into the drive-thru game!

Plenty to read, so close the office door and read through this week’s edition of the Drive-Thru Digest!  And please share it with your colleagues and industry contacts.  This is a great free resource available for anyone.

And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #7

Clarksville adds Tennessee's first drive-thru-only Dunkin' Donuts location

The company said in a prepared announcement that, the new Dunkin’ GO location in Clarksville will feature a "modern design to create an approachable, positive and energetic environment with a digital, on-the-go focus.

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1st Drive-Thru Starbucks In DC Opens In Skyland Town Center

The new Starbucks, in the Skyland Town Center development in Southeast D.C., also will have a walk-up window, so customers do not need to go inside the store to get their coffee and specialty drinks.

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Smokey Bones is Opening a Drive-Thru

The 61-unit chain says it will be the first casual-dining brand in the U.S. to have one.

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Taco Bell's parent company opened a restaurant every 2 hours in 2021, and it shows customers are loving fast food more than ever

Yum Brands is the parent company of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC. They opened 4100+ restaurants in 2021.

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Arby's Parent Powers Growth of Emerging Taco Brand

Rusty Taco's president believes the chain could open 40–50 units annually—or even higher—in the future.

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Small towns fuel Chipotle Mexican Grill’s ambitious North American expansion plans

On Tuesday, the restaurant chain told investors that it’s expanding the long-term goal for its North American footprint from 6,000 locations to 7,000 units.

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Drive-through coffee kiosk, a ‘rather unique concept’ planned in Grand Rapids

A drive-through coffee kiosk is proposed in a shopping center parking lot on Grand Rapids’ Northeast Side.

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Gusto embraces the drive-thru as owner Nate Hybl eyes a new model for fast food

As the company eyes further expansion, the drive-thru lane will be a staple of Gusto restaurants.

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Card Isle Expands Product Line to Serve Innovative Grocer OPIE

Card Isle, the greeting card category leader in eCommerce grocery, today announced their partnership with OPIE, the drive through grocery startup based in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Is a Drive-Through Right for Your C-Store?

Customers are using drive-throughs more frequently, but to implement one successfully, c-stores must be able to deliver speed of service at the window.

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Drive-thru alcohol sales: Alabama senate could pass bill

The ability for Alabamians to buy their wine and beer via drive-thru may happen sooner than they think.

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McDonald's has filed a trademark for a restaurant in the metaverse that will actually deliver food to your home

One trademark covered entertainment services and events including "online actual and virtual concerts." Panera Bread has also filed for a trademark for a "Paneraverse."

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Burgers, Fries and a Side of AI: Startup Offers Taste of Drive-Thru Convenience

A labor crunch has disrupted fast-food services, but AI from startup HuEx aims to bring back the drive-thru good times.

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‘These shortages have gone too far’: Checkers drive-thru worked by robot in viral TikTok, sparking debate

A viral TikTok revealed a robotic voice operating a Checkers drive-thru. The video sparked debate about the causes and consequences of automation.

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Drive-through ramen restaurant with robot servers coming to Ohio

Hiro Ramen also plans to introduce robotic servers. Owners are unsure of the exact role these will play currently, but they could even eventually create a fully-automated drive-thru experience.

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Podcast: A Look at the Fierce Competition for Drive-Thru Real Estate

A Deeper Dive: Barry Wolfe, from Marcus & Millichap, joins the podcast to discuss the impact of growing demand for drive-thru sites on prices and availability.

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Which Company Started Drive Through Service And Why?

The term drive-through is synonymous with the rapid spelling of the word through. Jordan Martin introduced the format in the United States in the 1930s, and it has spread around the world since then.

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Watch Now: Drive-through gaming arrives in Egypt, and more of today's top videos

Egypt's canal city of Port Said, Egyptians can game while in their cars at this new drive through gaming spot.

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Kanye West Pulls Up To The McDonalds Drive-Thru In A Tank For A Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

A sweet look at the “old Kanye” comes through in the form of a brief appearance in a McDonald’s commercial this Super Bowl.

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The Barn and Other Drive-Thru Grocery Stores of Long Island

A handful of drive-through supermarkets, many modeled off of barns, serve local suburbanites across Long Island, some dating back to the 1960s.

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Drive-Thru Solutions, Inc. Aims to Elevate Customer Convenience

Drive-Thru Solutions’ mission is to elevate Drive-Thru customer convenience while increasing D-T sales within the restaurant's existing Point-of-Sale (POS) and Loyalty applications.

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