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January 4, 2023

Matt Cook, Editor

Welcome to 2023!  Hopefully you had the opportunity to relax and recharge over the past few weeks.  All indications is that 2023 will continue to be a very busy year for those involved in drive-thrus!

Some interesting news coming from Portillo’s as they continue to innovate and find ways to improve.  And as we wrapped up 2022 the big story was the launch of the automated McDonald’s in Fort Worth… so now it is the time when critics take their shots.

And now the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #50

Portillo's to Make Significant Change to Drive-Thru Ordering. Here's What to Expect

The iconic chain restaurant is switching up the process to the swift drive-thru ordering the establishment has become known for.

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Food on a silver conveyor belt: McDonald’s testing an automated drive-thru

The company says the new system could help employees focus on order accuracy while the conveyor belt handles the handoffs.

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Automated McDonald's Drive-Thru Sparks Debate Over Minimum Wage Raise

Advocates for raising the national minimum wage to criticize the first automated McDonald's drive-thru restaurant.

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McDonald's unveiled an automated store. Some consumers aren't loving it.

Instead of human workers handing you a bag at the drive-thru, an automatic conveyer belt brings your order to the window.

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How to Build an Enduring Drive-Thru Experience

The president of Scooter’s Coffee on what customers are looking for in their daily pick me up.

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Which Fast Food Chain Has The Most Attractive Restaurants?

Fast food restaurants have undergone an aesthetic shift in recent years, according to Trill Mag.

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SoundHound: Needs More Capital To Drive Growth

Its AI voice tech appears to be among the best in the sector, and it provides a competitive advantage and moat against many of its peers.

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Arkansas-based coffee chain to open third SC spot as drive-thru-only trend grows

7 Brew plans to open its third South Carolina location soon in North Myrtle Beach.

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Whata-surprise! Albertville Whataburger drive-thru to open in the new year

A new Whataburger location will open its drive-thru to the public in Albertville.

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