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May 11, 2022

Matt Cook, Editor

This week’s Drive-Thru Digest is short & sweet.  Hopefully its a quick read to get an update on industry news and to spark some thought on how to improve your own operation.  Enjoy!


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And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #19

Adding Profit With a Drive-Thru Window

A drive-thru window has proven to add profit to the bottom line of fast-casual restaurants.

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Reddit Agrees That Drive-Thru Anxiety Is A Thing

Why Using The Drive-Thru Stresses Us Out.

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Has common courtesy gone away in the drive-thru window?

It does seem like common courtesy has gone by the wayside.

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This Drive-Thru Worker Knows How To Make Customers’ Days!

Everyone who has ever had the privilege of meeting Cynthia Carter finds that it’s a moment they’ll never forget.

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Jack in the Box Launches a Virtual Drive-Thru via Twitch

Jack in the Box helps save gas by launching its first virtual drive-thru via Twitch.

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Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s Are Going Through A Major Transformation

It includes everything from updated exteriors to new kitchen equipment to technology upgrades.

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Wing Zone, Wavemaker Labs launch automated restaurant pilot

The chicken chain is one of many restaurant companies investing in time- and labor-saving technology.

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What is 7 Brew Coffee? Florida is about to get 165 of the drive-thru coffee shops

The Arkansas-based coffee shops plan to dot Florida over the next five years.

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Vietnamese restaurants turning fast food on its head

Vietnamese cuisine makes it the ideal food for the next generation of drive-thru restaurants.

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International customers flock to U.S. fast food brands

McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and other brands have seen strong growth in global markets.

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