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May 4, 2022

Matt Cook, Editor

This is a really good edition of the Drive-Thru Digest.  Plenty of great articles, information, and concepts.  If you sell goods or services to the drive-thru industry, you should consider advertising in the Drive-Thru Digest!  Send a note to pcook@ontrendconcepts.com to learn more.


And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #18

Checkers & Rally’s Riding Drive-Thru Tech, Strong ROI to Expansion

The 850-unit brand has over 120 new franchise commitments since the beginning of 2021.

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Famous Dave’s, Fuzzy’s Franchisees Innovate With New Drive-thru Models

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and Famous Dave’s are letting franchisees forge ahead with new drive-thru models to capitalize on the overwhelming desire on the part of consumers for convenient experiences.

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SWIG Wants to Take Its Drive-Thru Drinks Everywhere

The Dirty Soda concept is expanding into Texas and Las Vegas. But it is eyeing franchising and even more growth in the future. “I think Swig should be in every town.”

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Design Market: Off-Premises-Only Prototypes

Restaurant chains are offering a flood of new prototypes that cater to the off-premises-only diner. Here’s a sampling.

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5 Fast-Food Chains Opening Unique Drive-Thru Locations

Pandemic-era customers, in their continuing quest for safety, speed, and convenient options have demonstrated to major brands that you don't need seats to be successful.

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Restaurant Carry-Out is Losing Out to Delivery and Drive-Thru As More Convenient Ordering Options

Restaurant carry-out, which dates back to ancient Rome, has provided a convenient eating solution for time-strapped civilizations for ages. However, with consumers always looking for the next level of convenience, like not getting out of the car, delivery and drive-thru orders have taken hold, making carry-out the less convenient service mode.

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Fast Food Chains Shrink Dine-In Footprints

Post-pandemic prototypes stress drive-thru, mobile-order and third-party pick-up options.

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Life After COVID: Welcome to the World of Hybrid Restaurants

The full/fast dichotomy has broadened to a much more varied dynamic that includes ghost kitchens and digital brands, order-and-pay at-the-table capabilities, and even drive-thru.

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22 Amazing Ghost Kitchen Statistics That Will Surprise You

The one that caught my attention: “Ghost kitchens are projected to hold a 50% share of the world’s drive-thru and takeaway foodservice markets.”

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McDonald’s completes sale of Dynamic Yield to Mastercard

Burger brand had acquired personalization platform in 2019 and uses it in drive-thrus and ordering kiosks.

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"I work at Taco Bell – here’s why they always screw your order up at the drive-thru."

Okay, that headline is not fair, but the article gives the perspective of a line-level drive-thru employee: "Basically, they need to get their order taken and out to them in under 3 minutes.” With speed a major part of the drive-thru process, it's only natural that some orders get butchered.

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Elon Musk defends Tesla’s current inability to recognise horses at a Texas burger drive-thru

Tesla’s sophisticated cameras, sensors and radar enable the electric vehicles to detect all kinds of perils on the road, from the intensity of snowfall to approaching emergency vehicles. But this week a Tesla driver in Texas noticed the car’s powerful artificial intelligence systems had a blind spot when it came to hazards of the four-legged variety.

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Mom of three discovers convenient option: Drive-thru lab services

Mother was pleasantly surprised by their recent drive-thru healthcare experience.

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