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March 23, 2022

Matt Cook, Editor

We hope you are having a great week.  There continues to be plenty to talk about in the world of drive thru.  Take some time to read through this week’s selection, and feel free to send us your news & announcements so we can include it in the Digest!

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And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #12

Drive-Thru Driving Up Sales

Drive-thru restaurants are one of the biggest trends in real estate right now, and developers and investors are clamoring for more.

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Why colleges are ripe for restaurant growth, according to The Halal Shack founder

Despite suffering through a period with closed campuses, Jamal Rasoully is bullish on the college and university foodservice category.

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Applebee's wants to be more like McDonald's than Olive Garden

Applebee's used to pitch itself as a place for customers to come, sit, and stay a while. Then the pandemic happened, and Applebee's had to pivot.

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Would You Drive Thru an Applebee’s?

We’ve previously covered how Applebee’s has been considering the value of a drive-thru window for its restaurants, but it sounds like this is slowly going to become reality as the company seriously assesses logistics, reports CNN.

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How Long John Silver's Flipped Tight Budgets into Record Sales

After closing 300 stores, the seafood restaurant has seen six straight quarters of positive-same-store sales.

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Shakey’s launches first Peri-Peri drive-thru store

Philippines: Marketed as a ‘fly-thru’ store, the branch marks the 54th outlet of Peri-Peri, which is Shakey’s second-largest restaurant chain.

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Taco John’s Drive-thru Speaker Comes Alive in New Ads

Iconic speaker box engages in playful conversations with customers in campaign.

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Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Developed for the Restaurant Industry - A New Partnership Between Two Industry Giants Transforms Restaurants

This groundbreaking partnership is the perfect solution for restaurants that have been struggling to adapt to the shift in consumer behavior in the post-COVID world – consumer behavior has shifted towards off-premise and takeout orders.

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Win Big with Smaller Menus: How Tech Can Supercharge Limited Offerings On- and Off-Premise

With wholesale food prices soaring 13 percent in 2021 and labor costs rising as worker shortages continue, many restaurants are looking for smart ways to lower costs and avoid passing them on to their diners. To mitigate these concerns, restaurants have gotten creative, looking for new cost-cutting measures. One such solution has been shrinking restaurant menus.

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SWIPEBY Integrates with Toast, Pairing Virtual Drive-Thru with Toast Menu Sync and Ordering

Allows Restaurants to Integrate Off-Premise Curbside Pickup Seamlessly with Sales Transactions.

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Why drive-thrus are becoming more crucial to the future of Columbia, MD restaurants

The trend includes restaurant chains like Chick-fil-A, which are referred to as quick-service restaurants, which are a cut above fast food.

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Webinar: New Drive-Thru Intelligence: Video Analytics for Restaurants

As customer demand for restaurant drive-thru, curbside, and delivery services continues to skyrocket, providing consistent service excellence across all experiences is increasingly challenging. To be discussed on March 23rd webinar.

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Delivering More Podcast Hosts Director of Catering & Events for Coyo Taco

Alicia Smith boasts about the bounce back the brand has had even since 2019, seeing an increase in overall sales year over year. Not to mention, "90 percent of orders are deliveries, and one of [the] restaurants does more than 50 percent of their entire business in off-premises”.

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Canton, OH drive-thru owners headed to prison for shooting customer they thought was a robber

Two brothers who pistol-whipped and shot a patron mistaken for robber at their local drive-thru business pleaded guilty to assault-related charges and will serve prison terms.

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