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Drive-Thru Digest

March 10, 2022

Matt Cook, Editor

Pretty light week for drive-thru news, but we’d like to tip our hat to all the companies out there (like McDonald’s) who have taken a stand with the Ukraine against Russia’s actions.  McDonald’s closed their sites in Russia (9%+ of their global revenue!).  We pray the terrible situation is peacefully and justly resolved quickly.


And now, the news…

Drive-Thru Digest – Issue #10

Surging Gas Prices May Hurt Restaurants’ Drive-Thru Sales

The recent rise in prices is likely to change driving habits and lifestyles, according to a study from auto club AAA. This represents a new challenge for the dining industry, which is already struggling with surging food and labor expenses.

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McDonald's didn't just close 850 restaurants in Russia - it froze a whole 30-year investment

Nearly two weeks after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, and after activists and investors pressed the company, McDonald's announced Tuesday that it would temporarily close 850 restaurants in Russia.

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Portillo’s sees promise in drive-thru concept

Portillo’s opened its first drive-thru-only restaurant to help ease crowding at the hot dog chain’s full-service restaurant five miles away, but the new Joliet, Illinois location also appears to be driving new business. In addition to its two traditional drive-thru lanes, the unit features a third for order pickup.

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Applebee's is Thriving at a Level Not Seen in Years

“The brand is exceedingly well-positioned right now to thrive, to flourish—use whatever term you want,” Cywinski says.

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Applebee’s Will ‘Aggressively’ Lean Into Drive-Thrus As It Gets Back To New Unit Growth

After several years of paring down its system to prioritize well-performing restaurants and better compete in a saturated casual dining segment, Applebee’s is positioned for net new unit growth again as soon as next year.

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Red Ribbon Bakeshop Opens First Drive-Thru Service in the U.S.

The much-anticipated amenity proved to be an instant hit among both fans and first-timers.

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Chick-fil-A to build new drive-thru to ease traffic congestion near Norwalk restaurant

The Norwalk Conservation Commission voted this week to approve plans to build a larger drive-thru at the popular fried chicken chain.

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City Brew Coffee opens first express store with walk-up/drive-thru

“This is an exciting new concept for us,” said Chrissy O'Malley, director of retail store operations for City Brew Coffee. “We hope to be able to serve our on-the-go customers in a new, convenient way that fits their schedule and needs, while also having a welcoming patio walk-up for those looking to hang out and enjoy their beverage."

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This Beloved Burger Chain Continues to Struggle Due to Its Restaurants' Locations

The chain reported a major discrepancy in performance between urban and suburban areas.

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Green Bay area's Chick-fil-A releases drive-thru map

The Green Bay area's first Chick-fil-A has released a traffic flow map for the restaurant's grand opening weekend.

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The Power of the Smart Drive Thru

Make Your Drive Thru More Than a Hand-off. Make It a Differentiator.

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Mesa: Have it our way, curb drive-thru businesses

City council members to discuss concerns with drive-thrus last year, city staff took a close look at the issue and studied options for addressing impacts.

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No, You Can't Get Fries With That: Drive-Thru Soda Shop Video Baffles Many

In the video, Seupule explains that these soda drive-thrus are common around Utah. She said that in her city alone, there are five different types of soda drive-thrus.

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Watch: This Popeyes drive-thru experience in Kenner reminds us why life is better in Louisiana

The video records the cashier, who introduces herself as Cynthia, taking the order for a spicy, 3-piece chicken tender meal with a strawberry Fanta. She sings, gives a shoutout to the Saints and ends with the delightful instruction to "come on 'round, honey dumplin'."

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