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May 28, 2020

Peter Cook, Publisher

Although this week’s newsletter features a wide net of various topics, the common thread seems to be the question of whether the major delivery services are a good option for grocers and restaurants. On the one hand, many of the employees of these delivery services are not satisfied with their treatment. On the other hand, companies like Instacart and DoorDash are taking steps to ensure employee safety and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, some of the companies who have employed their own delivery services seem to be exhibiting great success. So are things looking good for delivery, or not? Grab a cup of coffee, enjoy some good reading, and decide for yourself.

Issue #5

Los Angeles and New York City Cap Third-Party Delivery Fees

New York City and Los Angeles join the mounting list of large cities from coast-to-coast capping third-party delivery fees to help restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Every Food and Delivery Strike Happening Over Coronavirus

Millions of Americans are self-isolating at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus — but many are still required to go to work, at great risk to their health.

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Desperate Workers Rush to Delivery App Jobs To Find Low Pay and Punishing Rules

More than 38 million people have filed for unemployment. Hundreds of thousands of new gig jobs have become available from businesses including Amazon, DoorDash, Instacart and Shipt, a delivery app acquired by Target.

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Sick Days

Instacart promises a safer way to shop, but workers tell a different story.

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Many Instacart Workers Haven't Received Safety Kits Promised 8 Weeks Ago

“Instacart just made these offerings to us for the publicity, to make themselves look good.”

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Instacart Rolls Out In-App Safety Features for Workers

Instacart has introduced new safety measures and resources aimed at protecting its workers with the help of ADT.

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DoorDash's New Chief Revenue Officer, Tom Pickett, Will Work Directly With Restaurants

Former YouTube executive named to new position, aimed at ensuring the success of restaurants on the delivery platform.

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"Nobody's Making Money in This Business"

Uber's CEO defends a possible GrubHub merger amid criticism of the reported merger talks.

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New Feature on Google Maps is Helping Local Restaurants

As restaurants clash with popular delivery apps like Grubhub over fees, Google Maps is getting a new feature that makes it easier to order directly from local businesses.

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Food Delivery Giant Meituan’s Sales Beat Estimates

Meituan Dianping’s shares soared after it reported a smaller than expected 13% slide in revenue that drove hopes the world’s largest meal delivery business is starting to recover as China emerges from Covid-19 lockdowns.

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Restaurants Listed on Swiggy? Now You Can Get Credit To Buy Raw Materials with This New Service

Along with diversifying revenue streams by expanding grocery delivery service and launching liquor-at-home facility, food delivery company Swiggy is now trying to help restaurants, bruised and battered in lockdown, get up and running.

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Delivery Hero: Ambitious Growth Story

The Berlin-based Delivery Hero (OTCPK:DLVHF) is an ambitious growth story in the global online delivery space. It operates a massive food delivery business across Europe, MENA, Asia, and the Americas.

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Coronavirus Turns Walmart into an E-commerce Dynamo

Walmart’s e-commerce sales during the coronavirus pandemic have spiked significantly while customers have been advised to shelter-in-place.

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Starbucks To Accelerate Drive-Thru, Pickup-Only Development

As part of Starbuck's post-COVID-19 plan, dubbed "Bridge to the Future," the company will accelerate its pivoting toward developments that cater to on-the go-customers.

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McDonald's Banks on Delivery to Drive Growth Amid Coronavirus

McDonald's Corporation is benefiting from increased focus on delivery and accelerated deployment of EOTF restaurants in the United States.

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Papa John’s and Domino’s Continue To Show Delivery Dominance As Nation Recovers from COVID-19

Domino’s sales are ‘accelerating’ despite ‘headwinds’ and Papa John’s is seeing ‘the best sales period in company history’.

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Chuck E. Cheese Is Delivering Pizzas Under A Different Restaurant Name

Delivery apps may have been providing you with food made in Chuck E. Cheese and Applebee’s kitchens but sold under a different name.

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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Delivery Surge Created a Lifeline for Blue Apron Meal Kits

Meal-kit delivery pioneer Blue Apron saw its shares dive as low as $2 in March, but the pandemic-driven surge in delivery demand has helped.

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Sweetgreen Strikes Nationwide Delivery Deal with DoorDash

For the first time, sweetgreen fans can order their favorite salads, warm bowls, plates and sides through DoorDash. The partnership will expand sweetgreen delivery options across all 100-plus locations nationwide.

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6 Strategies for Grocers Preparing for the New E-Commerce Future

Retail experts share insights into how food retailers can retool their online operations in response to the pandemic.

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Grocery Delivery Windows Are Suddenly Available — What Changed?

Anyone who has attempted to get their groceries delivered in the last couple of months has likely been frustrated at just how impossible it seems to secure a time slot. But things started to change for the better last week.

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Delivery Business Is Dodgy All Around, Especially These Days

Drivers sure need work, too, but delivery doesn't work great for them, either.

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Americans, It Turns Out, Would Rather Visit a Store Than Buy Food Online

Many Americans find that even though the appreciate grocery delivery service, they would much rather do their own shopping in person.

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Demand for Fast and Innovative Delivery Persists amid the Pandemic

Frictionless commerce, a trend permeating many facets of the customer journey today, leverages technology to improve the retail experience by saving people time and hassle. And arguably, the most competitive battleground in frictionless commerce is in fast and free ecommerce delivery.

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Once a Hassle, Deliveries Are Now a Lifeline for Breweries

Brewery owners are finding that delivery services are a great resource for staying afloat during the virus.

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Are To-Go Alcohol Sales Saving D.C. Restaurants?

“As an industry that will probably be one of, if not the last to come back to real life, we need whatever we can get.”

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COVID-19 Ups the Ante in the Race for Convenience

The need for social distancing is accelerating the trend toward more convenient, digitally enabled, "frictionless" shopping.

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The Restaurant of the Future Is Not a Restaurant

The traditional idea of the restaurant is rapidly changing as consumers' tastes and priorities change due to COVID-19.

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Is COVID-19 Going to Accelerate the Ghost Kitchen Craze?

The pandemic turned many restaurants into to-go and delivery-only units. Will those learnings carry over?

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5 Surprises Restaurants Offer To Elevate Their Delivery Experience

This article features some unique ideas that could add a more personal touch to delivery to enhance restaurant-customer relationships.

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Why Did So Many Restaurants Stay Open During the 1918 Pandemic?

For history buffs and those interested in how the restaurant industry has developed, this is a fascinating and enjoyable article.

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Last-Mile Delivery Fleets Navigate Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic

With more consumers shopping from home during the coronavirus pandemic, final-mile delivery providers have been dealing with a spike in demand for their services while implementing health and safety protocols designed to protect their employees and customers.

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Maine Market Offers Grocery Delivery by Bicycle

The market has partnered with Summer Feet Cycling. The Portland-based company typically takes people on tours around Maine, Canada, and Europe.

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Serving Customers, Restaurants and Drivers, Asian Food Delivery Startup Thrives During Lockdown

When COVID-19 hit in early March, Shuo Yang, a researcher from Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, took necessary measures to prepare her family with a two-week supply of food and stopped visiting grocery stores.

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The New Way to Get Farm-Fresh Groceries Delivered

Pepper Pantry is delivering chef-quality ingredients to your door from local farms and family-owned businesses across CT & the Northeast.

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College Students Launch Free Grocery Delivery Service To Help Seniors and High-Risk Individuals

Two college students in South Carolina are using that extra time to help others through these trying circumstances.

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Westview Soph Starts Free Grocery Delivery for Elders

When the pandemic hit, Neel Jain started helping his grandmother get groceries. As he wandered the aisles getting grandma’s groceries he saw others like her — vulnerable populations of older people he thought were needlessly exposing themselves to the coronavirus.

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