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January 5, 2021

Peter Cook, Publisher

2021 gives many operators in the grocery delivery industry a lot to look forward to! A wide variety of interesting articles were released this week, many of which look into the biggest grocery delivery players and trends from last year, and exploring what we can expect for the year ahead. The micro-fulfillment trend looks like it could revolutionize the way grocery delivery is handled going forward. There is a great article “Answering the Call for Micro-Fulfillment” which dives into this subject.

We hope you enjoyed the long New Year’s weekend! Our resolution: to keep delivering all the best news in this field, and assisting you in whatever way we can. Enjoy your Grocery Delivery Digest!

Issue #37

2021 Will Be Another Great Year for Costco

Costco stepped up to the plate as customers hoarded toilet paper and other essentials throughout lockdowns.

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Instacart, ALDI Announce SNAP Benefit Expansion To Include New York and 22 Other States

ALDI and Instacart are expanding the eligibility of SNAP benefits to 23 more states, including New York.

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Freshkala Is Quickly Becoming the Top Online Grocery Store in Los Angeles

Freshkala is a new online Persian grocery store based out of Los Angeles that has recently announced they have successfully started shipping orders of groceries, fresh foods and non-perishable ingredients all across the United States.

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Edina Native and CEO of Online Grocer Named Entrepreneur of the Year

The Edina native and Thrive's chief executive was recently named a 2020 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the online-grocery and consumer-goods company that has seen its rapid growth augmented by the onset of the pandemic.

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Niagara Grocery Delivery Services See Spike in Demand During Pandemic

Serving all of Niagara for almost seven years, owner Amy Welch saw demand for grocery delivery slam into overdrive, as her primarily elderly and physically-limited clientele reached out for help.

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Legends Haul Pivots To Offer Home Grocery Delivery

A local company known for supplying consciously-sourced ingredients to restaurants and retailers has made a pivot during the pandemic to bring some of those items into your home.

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Start-Up Launches London’s First Delivery Service for Vertically-Farmed Eco-Friendly Greens

A start-up is offering to deliver vertically-farmed vegetables to Londoners homes within 24 hours of harvesting in a first for the capital.

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Why Food Delivery Giant Delivery Hero Has To Sell Its South Korean Unit To Seal €3.6B Woowa Deal

Berlin-based online food delivery platform, Delivery Hero has been looking to acquire Woowa Brothers Corp. – a company that owns South Korea’s largest food delivery service Baedal Minjok, but there was a catch!

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Driving the Last Mile for Food Security for Qatar

Encouraging local agricultural production and fostering companies, who have risen to the challenge and, through innovation and advanced technologies, have filled supply gaps in Qatar is all part of the national food security strategy.

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Answering the Call for Micro-Fulfillment

Automation vendors, including several startups, are lining up to meet the growing interest in micro-fulfillment centers.

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Pandemic-Fueled Omnichannel Shopping Surge Here To Stay: Nielsen

Nielsen’s findings support its prediction that a post-pandemic environment will not witness a wholesale return to pre-pandemic retail habits, but rather that omnichannel shopping options for consumers are here to stay.

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5 Technologies To Watch in Grocery

Grocery has grown faster than ever in the pandemic; this represents a unique opportunity for grocers to lean into innovation like never before.

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8 Trends That Will Shape the Grocery Industry in 2021

After one of the most tumultuous years in recent memories, experts say 2021 will be the year grocers move from reacting to strategically managing for long-term growth.

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The Year of Delivery: Companies That Surged in 2020

Americans have always loved the convenience of delivery, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for delivery for everything from takeout to toilet paper hit new highs.

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Instacart Is a Parasite and a Sham

The gig company, like many of its peers, has seen business skyrocket during the pandemic—while exploiting workers and even failing to turn a profit.

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Gig Workers Bear the Brunt of US Labor Market Slowdown

As employment in restaurants, movie theatres, stores and other parts of the service economy comes under pressure, more people are turning to gig work such as delivery, putting downward pressure on earnings.

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Spring Up Into the Lucrative Online Grocery Delivery Industry with the Leading Edge Grocery Delivery App Solution

According to statista, there will be massive growth in the online grocery delivery market by the year 2021. The United States will alone double the revenue from $14.2 billion from the year 2017 to $29.7 billion by 2021.

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Enterprises Likely To Scrutinize Digital Commerce, Delivery Platforms in 2021

If 2020 was the year of digital commerce, touchless payment and reinvented retail, 2021 will be about businesses increasingly at the mercy of platforms.

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E-Commerce Growth To Outlast COVID-19 Pandemic

With the fear of contracting COVID-19 through physical interactions with others, people started avoiding brick & mortar (traditional) purchases and embarked on alternatives

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17 Things You'll See in Every Grocery Store in 2021

There are some intriguing supermarket changes to look forward to, though, says the Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert. For over 25 years, he has been an author, speaker, and analyst on grocery store consumer behavior, marketing trends, new products, and more.

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Agri-Startups: Tying Up Loose Ends

It is a paradox that in a country like India with a humongous population, most of them in agriculture and allied sectors, not much effort was put into the post-production side of agriculture compared to the fervor and commitment put into its production through a myriad of revolutions.

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Using the Right Credit Card When Ordering Food for Delivery

We’ve rounded up the best credit cards for food delivery services, while paying close attention to cards that also include strong earnings for dine-in options, so that regardless of whether you’re eating in or dining out, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

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FreshDirect Clone: How To Create an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Like FreshDirect?

There is no doubt in saying that the online grocery industry is growing exponentially. The proof for that can be considered by taking e-commerce grocery market giants like FreshDirect, Grofers, Bigbasket, Amazon Pantry, and many emerging apps.

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Urban Farmer Had the Fresh Produce Many Seniors Needed During the Pandemic

Using some grant donations and much of their own resources, Dodd and his urban farm partner came up with a plan to provide fresh produce to seniors who were suddenly locked inside their homes.

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