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June 24, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

I don’t know if there is a single retail chain out there who is not dealing with portfolio-wide design and facility management modifications. Everyone has to implement changes, install new signage and safety features. While it is a rough time for retailers, there is an endless amount of work available for store designers and national project management firms. You’ll see what I mean in this week’s newsletter. Enjoy!

Issue #9

7-Eleven and Carlsberg Open New Concept Store in Hong Kong

This refreshing concept shop is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Visitors will get first dibs on trying out different Carlsberg brews (which will change on a regular basis) exclusive only to the shop.

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Walmart Closes Some Locations for 'Deep Cleaning'

Walmart has closed several stores for deep cleaning in recent weeks and months, according to local news reports detailing closures of one to three days in different locations. In some, but not all, cases Walmart or municipalities confirmed positive COVID-19 tests as the reason for the closure and cleaning.

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Starbucks’ New Store Layout Signals an Industry Mad Dash Toward Pick-Up

The coffee shop chain announced last week it will “increase convenience-led formats” in the U.S., including both drive-thru and curbside pickup options, over the next 18 month. As part of this, it is closing 400 North America locations, while adding a total of 300 net new stores in 2020.

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Aether's Retail Store is Made Out of Shipping Containers

Youtube video about Aether's use of containers for their retail store.

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H&M Home Opened a Concept Store in Amsterdam

The Swedish fashion giant opened its first concept store for interior design and decoration in the Netherlands. The location is an ancient building whose history is charmingly linked to the Dutch Royal family, in particular to the current King.

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Ryan Outlines First Project on Ford Site: Apartments above a Grocery Store

The first vertical development at the former Ford Motor Cos. site in St. Paul will likely be a six-level building with 230 apartments above a grocery store.

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Tire Discounters Adds Stores in Indianapolis, Knoxville

The new locations bring the retailer to nine stores in Indianapolis, five in Knoxville, and a total of 134 retail locations across six states.

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Alfalfa’s Local Market Opening New Store

Alfalfa’s Local Market will open a new location and concept in Longmont, CO. The expansion makes use of an innovative concept and design.

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Barbeques Galore Store Redesign Looks to the Future

Australia's Barbeques Galore is experimenting with a new physical store format in the midst of rightsizing the store network and considering the future and evolution of the brand’s retail experience.

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Reopening to a Whole New World: Clearly Integrates New Technology into Retail to Ensure Customer Safety

The eyewear retailer's reopening strategy involves new technology that not only make shopping safer in a COVID-19 world but make shopping better for the world at large.

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Design Hacks Will Dominate the Coronavirus Recovery Landscape

Caution tape. Painted circles. Plastic dividers. The most impactful coronavirus designs are coming from mostly nonprofessionals adapting urban space on the fly.

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Virtual Roundtable Discussion: Rebuilding Local Retail: Operations, Design & Technology

Don't miss this panel tomorrow on rebuilding local retail! I'm joining Paul Weinschenk, from the Peterson Companies, retail ops veteran & consultant Mark Hasting, & Michael Smith, from StreetSense. We're answering retailers questions on real estate, technology, operations, & retail design - where are they headed as stores re-open? What comes next in a post-pandemic world?

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Consulting Tips for Retail Design Using Story-Telling Window Displays

Kind of like eyes are the windows to the human soul; store windows are the eyes of the shop’s soul. The window displays share secrets that ads and promotions aren’t able to.

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The Emergence Of Data-Driven Concepts In Retail: Measuring ROI/Analytics

As the world re-emerges from stay-at-home mandates, ROI for any brick-and-mortar venture dollar will need to be justified more than ever.

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Using Technology and Design to Reassure Nervous Shoppers

Design and operational changes could also play a key role in encouraging the economy to begin moving again, with efforts by shopping centres to bring shoppers back to their attractions being commended by politicians who are keen to get commerce back on track.

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Reinventing Retail: The Post-Pandemic Retail Strategy

Retailers are going to need to be able to adjust locally and build in more regionalization and differentiation; so, there can be no more one-lease-to-fit-them-all or one size stores. National footprints won’t be normalized.

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A City Within a City

Diversification of the American mall

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What’s a Store For? Rethinking Retail in the Lockdown Era.

New shopper behaviors will change how retail operates and exists. Right now, stores are focusing on redesigning their spaces for a more sanitary, streamlined, and contactless experience.

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It Looks Like a Dance Chart for Our Post-COVID World. It’s Called the SIX FOOT DANCE.

The world has changed. It matters where you put your feet. How are wayfinding and operational signage adapting to a post-COVID world of public venues?

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Through the Retail Lens: Shopper Experience

Retail Minded’s Nicole Leinbach Reyhle lays a foundation for the uncertain road ahead

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Ideas for Reimagining Store Layouts

Industry experts share new ideas for forecourt design, store layouts and innovating the drive-thru.

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Survival Of The Fittest Means Faster Innovation For Retail

We as an industry have reached an “evolve-or-die” moment. Countless retailers continue to file for bankruptcy and shutter stores. Yet even when faced with imminent peril based on huge gaps in consumer understanding and inefficient processes, very few retailers or brands have taken up the mantle to truly innovate.

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5 Surprising New Things You'll See at Popular Grocery Stores Soon

Robots, fast-food chain kiosks, and more changes to self-serve food stations you'll see at your local store.

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Grocery Design: Guidelines for Infection Control

Social distancing, improved cleaning procedures, and amplified online ordering and delivery capabilities are examples of the measures being taken to implement infection control policies. To keep the country fueled after the COVID-19 curve flattens, we need to identify which of these measures should become lasting design changes in the long term.

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Pickup Spot #4: The New Normal?

Leah Berg's Experience with Grocery Pick Up

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Martin Roberts of Martin Roberts Design Passes Away at 77

Martin Roberts, retail design trailblazer and founder of Martin Roberts Design passed away on May 29, 2020. He was a frequent contributor of insightful articles on retail home furnishings store design to Furniture World Magazine.

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