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June 17, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

With stores opening up again (at varying capacities, depending on location), there are plenty of new approaches on how to best protect shoppers. Design experts and national multi-site project management firms are in high demand and are making a big impact.

Issue #8

Apple Won 43 Patents, Including a Series of Design Patents for an Apple Store Building

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 43 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we briefly cover a series of design patents covering an in-store planter, an Apple Store "Building" that's a style found in China and one for an Apple Store-within-a-Store Retail Fixture.

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Chipotle Testing Digital-Centric Restaurant Design

The brand recently passed $1 billion in digital sales.

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Cub Foods, Shoppers stores to be spun off from UNFI

Legacy Supervalu retail businesses to become freestanding entity

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Walmart Tests Self-Checkout-Only Store

The store is replacing traditional cashier-run checkout lanes equipped with conveyor belts with self-checkout systems. The retailer wants to determine if adding more self-checkout lanes will decrease the amount of time if takes customers to make purchases while also cutting down on person-to-person interaction.

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More 7-Eleven Stores Coming to Tyler, TXvwith Kidd Jones Rebrand

The rebrand of the Kidd Jones will change the main identification and canopy to 7-Eleven buildings and gas dispensers to Exxon/Mobil Fuel, according to permit documents.

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Here's what Industry Leaders Have to Say about the Post-Pandemic Future of Retail Design

The COVID-19 crisis has turned consumer journeys through physical spaces quite cut-and-dry, eliminating the spontaneity and experiential elements that make in-person retail visits attractive in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Tune In: Retailers Explain Best Store Design

Register for this webinar to hear the REA finalists for Store Design/Redesign discuss best practices.

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What Will the Retail Experience of the Future Look Like?

Reading “future of” pieces can feel like a trip to the World’s Fair. There are hundreds of new gadgets and designs being dreamed up to keep us safe from biological threats, mediate our hesitancy to socialize again, and further the integration of our digital and physical lives. As much as this excitement will help us in the long run, what retailers need most right now are tested solutions they can deploy immediately.

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A Blueprint for the Store of the Future in the COVID-19 Era

Retailers need to consider longer-term strategies that prioritize the needs of consumers in a post-COVID-19 world, say leaders from GMDC and BHDP Architecture

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How is COVID-19 Affecting Retail, Restaurants?

With consumers frequently enjoying delivered meals and shopping for goods online, brick-and-mortar restaurants and retail structures need to be more advanced than ever to compete

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Re-Imagining the Omni-Channel In-Store Experience - Transformational Learnings from Three US Retailers

COVID-19 is driving change in the way retailers operate their physical stores - BestBuy, Vince and Lands End share their experiences to date.

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Looking at the Post-Pandemic In-Store Experience

Lessons in adaptation and flexibility help retailers stay safe and profitable.

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Alternative Flow Routes and Digital Innovation Among Ways to Attract Shoppers.

A one-way system and a clear exit strategy for shoppers would solve some of the issues posed by social distancing measures within airports, as they gradually reopen for passengers

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Could Livestreaming Impact the Design of Luxury Retail Spaces?

New post-COVID safety protocols will prove challenging to implement irrespective of retail sector, but for those operating at the luxury end of the market, maintaining even a semblance of the in-store customer journey may seem impossible.

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5 Ways AR Can Change Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Thanks to the many tech innovations that retailers have integrated into their e-commerce offerings, consumers have become accustomed to a personalized shopping experience. Retailers have struggled to provide this same level of personalization and data insights in their brick-and-mortar stores.

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What the Restaurant World Will Look Like After Coronavirus

After the black-swan event of the COVID-19 pandemic, what will the restaurant industry look like? We asked readers to provide their takes.

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Helping the Restaurant Industry Grow Through Plexiglass Partitions

Connect Partitions wants to introduce ourselves and our newly released restaurant optimized partitions.

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Cohen Architectural Woodworking Building Sneeze Guards For Restaurants Nationwide

Cohen Architectural Woodworking has ramped up production to meet the growing nationwide demand for sneeze guards.

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How a 'Wave Ceiling' Keeps this Outdoor Restaurant Cool

The ceiling cools down the space by providing shade and helping the cool air circulate. The design concept of the entire space is sustainable and meant to be removable.

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This is the Future of Hotel Design after Coronavirus, According to Hospitality Architects

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, hotels are planning significant changes into their architecture and design.

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How London Department Store Liberty Is Rebranding, Reinventing Itself and Expanding into the US Market

London’s historic Liberty department store has risen to the challenging circumstances. The team has used the enforced hiatus of lockdown to reinvent itself as a more commercially viable proposition to move forward into a post pandemic future.

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Australia's Bunnings and Officeworks could downsize stores after pandemic

Bunnings and Officeworks are among the much-loved Aussie stores commercial property agents have tipped could ditch warehouses for more boutique addresses after coronavirus.

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The Struggle Malls: Small Malls have to Innovate or Die

Struggling shopping centres around the country are warned they will have to adapt if they want to survive.

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