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June 25, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

More and more, it looks like pop-up concepts will play a large role in retail moving forward. The flexibility, the lower risk, the use of technology, and the ability to partner with other retailers to drive business to each other all contribute to pop-up being a very intriguing solution. Store designers and technology solution providers should be jumping on some Zoom calls to figure out ways to work together and develop solutions to roll out to retailers. The timing couldn’t be better. Enjoy the newsletter and have a great rest of the week!

Issue #9

Join Us at 1pm Eastern for an Instagram LIVE Discussion on Pop-Up Trends on LIVE with Ghalia @huckster_fr

Join us for a live interview regarding trends in retail pop-up and OnTrend Concepts' role in the market.

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Beautycounter Partners With Sephora on Pop-Ups

The clean beauty brand is partnering with the retailer on an online and in-store pop-up, the first of its kind for Sephora.

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Portsmouth Moves Ahead on Outdoor Dining Expansion, Parking Garage Pop-Up

The city is focusing on outdoor space design downtown for expanded capacity for restaurants and retailers, and the proposal to create a community gathering space with arts performances and food vendors on the top two levels of the Foundry Place Garage.

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5 Surprising New Things You'll See at Popular Grocery Stores Soon

Robots, fast-food chain kiosks, and more changes to self-serve food stations you'll see at your local store.

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Pop-Up Retail in the Post COVID-19 Era: Innovation and Digital Technology to Become a Bigger Part of In-Person Experience

With the reopening of major cities, people tend to adopt new ways of doing things, especially when it comes to consumption. New pop up solutions can hold the answer to many of their needs.

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Ideas for Reimagining Store Layouts

Industry experts share new ideas for forecourt design, store layouts and innovating the drive-thru.

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Could Pop-Up Cinema Help Save Malls and Shopping Centers?

New "cinema pop-ups" are going up across the country at places where drive-ins wouldn’t otherwise normally exist - like the parking lots of Brookfield malls and the Dallas Cowboys-centric "The Star At Frisco" - creating new revenue opportunists.

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Can Independent Retailers Fill the Gaps Conventional Retailers Cannot, in the Short Term?

A broad spectrum of retailers are eager to trade in shopping centres as lockdown measures are eased and our research shows that there is significant interest in trialling new venues from the independent and online sector.

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Saving Pop-Ups: How Landlords are Helping Smaller Brands Survive the Pandemic

A look at how a few landlords are working with smaller brands to make it through the pandemic.

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Reinventing Retail: The Post-Pandemic Retail Strategy

Whatever role you play in retail, the one word you need to remember is flexibility.

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What Will the Retail Experience of the Future Look Like?

The world’s retailers face a host of challenges. Even before the pandemic, many brick-and-mortar retailers were struggling.

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What does the future hold for retail experiences?

Today’s retail landscape is changing rapidly, remapping how retail brands try to influence the consumer purchase process.

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Survival Of The Fittest Means Faster Innovation For Retail

What retailers must realize, and fast, is that what the Coronavirus has given us is an opportunity, a much-needed moment in time to start fresh. Even as more stores reopen, it will likely be months or longer before consumer demand returns to prior levels, and that demand is likely to be very different from before.. It is time to revisit everything we thought we knew about customers and the market, and evolve by embracing technology solutions that have been ready and waiting for years.

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The Pop-Up Office

The need to de-densify the traditional office, coupled with the challenges many people have with work from home arrangements, there will soon be an urgent need to quickly find more adequate workplaces. Many of these “dead retail” spaces are well-positioned to pick up the slack, even if temporarily.

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“For those who find a magic formula for a constantly recreated physical space, theirs will be the world and everything in it!"

So much retail destination space is the equivalent of a mullet and a sequinned shoulder padded jacket.

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Post-COVID Pop-Up Perspectives

Report: Pop-ups are about to hit new highs – by adding flexible, localised brand outreach, bookable (trackable) engagement and unifying fragmented channels. From phygital superstars and hyper local hubs to concepts helping shape the ‘new urbanity.'

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Opportunities for Visual Merchandisers

If you are looking for top notch Visual Merchandisers in key US cities trained to Retail, Outlet, Wholesale, in-store, pop-ups, events, etc., take a look at this posting.

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A Look Back: The 51 Best Pop-Up Stores of 2019

Insider Trends list of their top 51 pop-up shops from last year.

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