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May 27, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

This week, there has not been too much movement in pop-up retail; but one striking trend is how many people are using the pop-up concept as a solution for problems brought about from the pandemic. Whether it is on a global, national, or local level, it will certainly be interesting to see how much, over the next couple of months, the pop-up concept takes off. In the meantime, sit down, catch your breath and enjoy some interesting stories and news in the world of pop-up retail.

Issue #5

Councils Should Stop Micro-Managing What High Street Shops Sell

A British writer offers an interesting solution to the post-pandemic problems that may be seen by many retailers.

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COVID-Era Menu Innovations Could Change How Restaurants Do Business Long Term

Sysco has set up a tool kit to help restaurants set up these mini-grocery stores, or what Sysco calls a “pop-up shop” in their dining rooms, available on their website.

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Levi's Digital Sampling

Levi's pop-up implements 3D technology for advertising its new clothing lines.

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Some Restaurants Ask City for Food Truck Ordinance to Help Pandemic Profits

A petition signed by a handful of restaurants in Oelwein has got the city thinking about an ordinance to track and monitor food trucks in the future.

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Restaurants and Bars Look Ahead

Bay Area restaurant and bar owners imagine what reopening might look like. Here's what they say you can expect.

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2 Sixth Street bars shake things up during COVID-19 with patio pop-up

Even for small companies, like these two in Austin, pop-ups are providing a great solution to restaurant decline. "It's actually the novel coronavirus — and its devastating impact on bars and restaurants — that inspired the pop-up."

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Market Eatz Helps Small Vendors Through Farmers Market

Local business, Market Eatz, is helping other smaller vendors to get their products out to the community through a farmers market.

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IKEA Is Opening “Urban Concept Store” in Piraeus

In Greek coastal city, people show a great response to the pop-up model for long-term stores.

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Relief for international students with pop-up hamper hubs

OzHarvest, like many other companies throughout the world, have been using pop-ups to do a lot of people a lot of good.

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