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May 21, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

It is looking more and more like pop-up shops will play a large role in retail after the COVID19 pandemic passes. The benefits are obvious: lower risk, agile, and more flexible than traditional brick & mortar. Enjoy the read!

Issue #4

Coronavirus Won’t Kill Retail Pop-Up Shops — But Here’s How It Will Change Them

Over the past few years, the sector has been transformed by the growth of e-commerce and shifting customer expectations. These factors, coupled with rising rents, have caused some brands and retailers to embrace pop-up shops.

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Should Retailers Facing Bankruptcy Consider POP-UP Stores in Their Recovery Strategy?

So the question is, Should Retailers Facing Bankruptcy Consider POP-UP Stores in Their Recovery Strategy?

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Open Air Markets Could be Key to Reopening

With a hesitance to be trapped inside, it might make sense to move pop-up shops to sidewalks and parking lots.

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Can’t Imagine Going Back to the Mall? Maybe You’ll Shop at Your Best Friend’s House Instead

Sarah Easley’s two-year-old endeavor, Maison Marché, creates a pop-up shop in your living room—and introduces you and your friends to a few dozen independent or emerging designers in the process.

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Post-Covid retail transformation

Smaller shops, more outdoor space, new rental models and a host of other changes in store

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What Retailers Can Learn From Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Jason Maynard, senior vice president of global field operations at Oracle NetSuite, shares insights from winning brands.

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Direct-to-Consumer Brands are Finding New Ways to Engage with Customers

A lot has changed in the world over the last few months, and one of those changes is how companies are engaging customers.

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Victory Brands Is Gearing Up to Reopen Most of Its Atlanta Restaurants in June

The group behind LLoyd’s and Victory Sandwich Bar rebrands and reopens its Inman Park coffee shop, including a pop-up component, and eyes June to reopen its restaurants

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Kehoe Designs Turns To Pop-Up Green Market Gardens

Chicago design company pursues pop-up opportunities.

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How These Industry Pros Are Keeping the Flower Business Blooming

From DIY kits to pop-up markets, find out how some event designers and florists are pivoting during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How a retail supplier is partnering with small businesses to survive

Business owner finds new ways to distribute her products through brick and mortar stores where you might not ordinarily find them. She started leaning on local businesses that would collaborate with her, sometimes in surprising ways.

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Swedish Hotel Turns It's Rooms into Pop-Up Restaurants

Swedish hotel tries a very creative way to use their space and help local restaurants.

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POP UP SHOPS raises a six-figure seed round

The Zurich based Pop Up Shops is introducing an online marketplace for short-term retail and promotional space. Thanks to fresh capital raised through a seed round, the startup will enhance the platform to address the growing demand for its new concept.

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A celebrity chef just opened a Jersey Shore meat and seafood pop-up shop

Celebrity Chef David Burke. His Sea Bright restaurant The Drifthouse is housing David Burke Provisions during the coronavirus pandemic, selling meat and seafood for curbside pickup.

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