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May 13, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

While there are hundreds of news articles from the past week about the opening of individual pop-up stores, restaurants, food pantries, testing stations, etc., we are trying to focus more on larger industry trends related to the pop-up concept in retail, restaurants, grocery, etc. Enjoy the read this week!

Issue #3

In-Store Experience Was Supposed to Save Brick-and-Mortar Retail — What Happens Now?

Pre-COVID-19, “experiential retail” had been on the rise, as retailers looked to drive foot traffic and cut through the digital noise with everything from speakers’ series and networking mixers to trunk shows and in-store cafes. But as stores begin to reopen, activations like in-store events and high-touch services are off the table for the foreseeable future.

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Retail Stores Prepare To Reopen But Business Will Look A Little Different

The wait to open is over for Denver businesses offering personal services and non-essential retail stores, like clothing boutiques.

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Constantly renewing, Nike’s Shanghai retail lab is a literal house of innovation

Although more in-store installation than pop-up store, Coordination Asia’s House of Innovation (HOI) project in Shanghai has the typology’s hazy classification.

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Calgary may allow more pop-up patios to aid business recovery

City administration will put forward a plan at Monday's city council meeting to allow more restaurants to temporarily spill out onto the sidewalk or the street outside their doors.

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How Chinese Department-Store Chain Intime Survived Covid-19, Online and Offline

Like many other retailers across the world, Intime, China’s leading department-store chain, was adversely impacted by the novel coronavirus. Fortunately, Intime has been able to recover swiftly from pandemic-induced disruptions, thanks in large part to its robust digital infrastructure and omnichannel capabilities.

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Envisioning the Retail of the Post-Coronavirus Era

Good news: brick-and-mortar stores will still be relevant. Bad news: they need to be significantly revisited — and fast.

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Zoom Discussion on developing a shared food and retail space model that bridges the gap between pop-ups and the high costs of taking on a full space.

We would like to cordially invite you to the Black Dot Retail/Food Incubator info Session tomorrow May 13th, 2020 @ 1-3pm.

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Traveling Pop-Up Garden Shop Offers Lush Respite Across Chicago

A Chicago-based event decor and design company created a pop-up gardening shop that utilizes dormant outdoor seating at city restaurants while infusing neighborhoods with indoor and outdoor trees, plants and flowers for sale.

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May 31, 2021 - Back to the Future: A look back at retail 1 year after COVID

It’s now May 31, 2021--one year after the highest and hardest hurdles during the COVID-19 pandemic and when most major cities in the United States reopened their economies and stores for business.

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Takeaway UK: how imaginative restaurants have adapted to cope with the new reality

Takeaways and deliveries have provided a lifeline to thousands of restaurants across Britain, and many are giving back to their communities

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POP UP SHOPS raises a six-figure seed round

The Zurich-based online marketplace POP UP SHOPS has successfully closed a seed funding round with several business angels including Heinz M. Schwyter, Proptech expert and former CEO of Homegate.

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Magento Innovations Lab - Pop-Up Autonomous Retail Video

Demo of a automated pop-up retail solution.

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Landlords: it’s time to revolutionise retail

In a world where everyone is turning to technology for answers, landlords have an opportunity to shake off out-dated approaches and transform the physical retail sector.

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New Sustainable Food Center program converts dining rooms to grocery pop-ups

The Sustainable Food Center has launched a new program called the Neighborhood Pop-up Grocery Project to provide food relief in low-income areas of Austin by turning restaurant dining rooms into grocery markets.

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Hospital cafeterias repurposed into mini grocery marts by Elior North America unit Cura Hospitality

Mobile mini marts are popping up all over repurposed hospital cafeterias operated by Cura Hospitality to help healthcare workers who can't get to the grocery store.

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Newbridge Marketing Group Named as Award Finalist for LL Bean Pop-Up Program

It's an excellent example showing how retail can be taken to campuses with a fun experience and result in measurable sales for the brand.

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New Propositions and Pricing in the "Six-Feet" Economy

The impact of COVID-19 and the measurements that governments have taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus are dramatically disrupting our society and economy. Although approaches differ across countries, physical distancing is at the core of the measures and is expected to last until large-scale vaccination or a revolutionary treatment is in place.

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Irish shopping streets will never be the same again

Pop-up retail potentially offers ways for retailers to cut costs and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. It will be interesting to monitor how this situation plays out and see how retailers overcome this unprecedented financial hardship.

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Canadian Entrepreneur Launches ‘La Monarch’ Fashion Brand at an Unprecedented Time

Originally set to launch via pop-up shows across the country this spring, Gutierrez was forced to reevaluate her launch schedule once COVID-19 hit.

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