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May 7, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

The Pop-Up Digest is focused on long-term pop-up trends, so you won’t see many articles on the various pop-up food pantries and coronavirus-focused solutions that are in the news so much today.  Those ventures are laudable and necessary, but the focus here is on the concept as a business strategy and not as pandemic relief.  That being the case, we only have a handful of articles in this week’s digest, which is understandable as many retailers are focused on survival and not rolling out new concepts.  Stick with us.  I am sure we economies open up again we’ll be seeing more and more companies testing out the pop-up concept either as pop-up brands or as hosts to those pop-up shops.  This should be very interesting to watch, with lots of creativity and opportunity!  Enjoy!

Issue #2

Tesco eyes pop-up stores at NHS Nightingale sites

Tesco has revealed plans to open pop-up convenience stores at NHS Nightingale sites nationwide to provide frontline health care workers easy access to essential items and food.

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Costcutter opens 20 pop-up stores in hospitals to feed NHS staff

Costcutter has built 20 pop-up stores in NHS hospitals to serve doctors and nurses who are unable to get to the shops. Costcutter Supermarkets Group said it has worked in partnership with food service giant Compass to open the stores.

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Amazon Looking To Lease Distressed Retail For Its Expanding Grocery Play

Amazon is ramping up its efforts to lease retail real estate for its in-the-works physical grocery store concept, which will be larger than existing Amazon Go cashierless stores and carry a wider variety of merchandise.

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Gap to open London pop-up store

According to reports, Gap will open a pop-up store in Kingly Court, just off Regent Street, on September 10. A Gap pop-up store will also open in Paris and New York.

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Table for one? Sweden pop-up restaurant to serve solo diners only

The promise — and premise — is no interaction with others. This is an individual experience meant to be enjoyed in isolation. There's no waitstaff and nary another guest in site. Throughout its limited run (it will be open through August 1), one person a day will be served so Persson and Karlsson can give their full focus to the guest.

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Cashierless stores and pop-up shops: Food retail responds to COVID-19

From now on, many shoppers will prioritize stores that have taken the necessary precautions to keep consumers and employees safe while providing their essential services.

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Pop Up Grocer Checks All The Pandemic Retail Boxes

As retailers contend with the continuing COVID-19 crisis and the inevitable resettling of the business, one of the most popular pieces of advice has been to reformat existing stores. For example, some might consider trying experimental pop-up locations. For Pop Up Grocer, a self-described “traveling pop-up grocery store,” consider that box checked.

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Pop-up retail could help save firms hit by pandemic effects

COVID challenges the survival of many Canadian businesses. At the same time, however, owners need to rethink how they operate, how to get their value proposition in front of consumers differently than in the past, and how to implement new ways of doing business that align with social distancing and health practices.

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A new reality as American malls begin to reopen

Many Americans are getting their first taste of what pandemic shopping looks like at their local mall. Simon Property Group, the nation's largest mall operator, reopened several dozen shopping centers across Texas, Georgia and roughly ten other states between Friday and Monday.

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Retail’s Second Act

The retail sector was looking forward to a solid year of sales when the coronavirus hit. As it struggles to get through the crisis, thoughts turn to what the industry will look like when it is over.

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Open streets initiative launches in Parkside to support local retailers

A prominent corridor in the Magic City’s Parkside District will utilize an open streets concept to support local retailers. Over the weekends in May, the First Avenue South corridor between 12th and 20th Streets will be closed to cars so local retailers and restaurants can install pop-up shops for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Vacant space turned into pop-up garden shops

Avison Young and Darvonda Nurseries opened seven pop-up nursery shops in Alberta and Saskatchewan in just four weeks to sell plants and other items that would have normally gone to big-box outlets.

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Celebrity chef’s pop-up offers Food Network tastes

There are not many folks who can have a celebrity chef cook for them, but order a meal from Chef Jacoby Ponder’s pop-up restaurant, EatSipSocial, and you can get a taste of what judges on the Food Network had on their plate.

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