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July 30, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

Pretty light week for pop-up news, though we did not include the vast majority of the announcements for individual pop-up openings. It strikes me that much of the pop-up news is surrounding municipalities who are trying to help local businesses by launching pop-up areas for outdoor dining and pop-up retail. While several cities (Cleveland, Portsmouth, Nottingham, etc.) have done a nice job of developing the concept and publicizing it, it seems that every city and most mid-size (and larger) towns would benefit by pursuing similar concepts. There might be a great opportunity for a company with a lot of pop-up experience to develop a consulting service to offer to these municipalities. There is a real need and opportunity out there.

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Issue #14

Cleveland’s Pop-Up Dining Scene Brings More to the Table During Coronavirus Chaos

Pop-ups have emerged as a major player in Greater Cleveland’s dining offerings in the past decade, providing unique menus at locations that might not normally attract many foodies. At this point, the pop-up scene in Cleveland has developed its own unique draw.

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Are Open-Air Malls the Future of Physical Retail?

“Open-air malls provide a safe space for people to congregate,” said Stenn Parton, chief retail officer at developer DJM, which manages open-air malls in Southern California and Texas. “The future of outdoor malls is very bright.”

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Why the Future of Retail Will See More Pop-Up Shops Emerge in Our Post-Covid Climate

As stores began to reopen last month, Freddie Sheridan, Global Director at Sheridan&Co ‘we are in a climate where brands are having to be careful with money. Brands don’t want to invest a huge amount of money in a climate that feels unknown but pop up shops give you a really good cost-effective initiative to promote a brand and put a good foot forward for many of the things that consumers are looking for and what they have been missing from physical interaction with stores during the lockdown period. Pop-up shops are a great platform for any brand to consider in a relatively short term period’.

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Ahead of Holiday Season, Landlords Prep for Short-Term Leases

With the holiday season a few months away, local property owners and landlords say they’re preparing for a small rise in short-term leases of three years or less, but some aren’t sure how many holiday pop-up retailers will fill their centers this year.

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Shake Shack Bringing Pop-Up Store to Freehold Raceway Mall

Shake Shack is coming to Freehold Raceway Mall. At least for this coming weekend.

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Sephora Cut 'a Number' of Jobs Tied to its JCPenney Partnership, Resurfacing Concerns About the Deal with the Bankrupt Department Store

JCPenney is in the process of closing 152 stores. Before the bankruptcy, Sephora operated about 600 shops inside of JCPenney department stores, which it calls SiJCP.

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Spa Ceylon Crosses 100 Stores Globally

Spa Ceylon’s 102 branded stores and shop-in-shop outlets are located in high traffic luxury shopping malls and premium retail areas, situated in more than 50 cities in 20 countries, spanning 4 continents of the world.

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Moore From L.A.: Jonny Cota on Being Amazon Fashion’s ‘Guinea Pig’ and His ‘Pandemic-Proof’ Store

Amazon Fashion has extended its mentorship of the "Making the Cut" winner through the end of the year, including collaborating on a second collection for the designer, whose initial deliveries and inventory were impacted by the pandemic.

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Plans Unveiled for Pop-Up Dining Area and Rides on Nottingham's Old Market Square

A pop-up outdoor dining space is set to arrive in Nottingham’s Old Market Square in a bid to boost city businesses post-lockdown.

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Symington Partners with Michelin-Starred Chef to Launch Pop-Up

Symington Family Estates has collaborated with Michelin-starred chef Pedro Lemos to launch pop-up restaurant Casa dos Ecos at the Port producer’s Quinta do Bomfim estate.

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Deflated Pop-Up: Report: New York Pop-Up Hospital Cost $52 Million, Treated 79 Patients

“I basically got paid $2,000 a day to sit on my phone and look at Facebook,” Katie Capano, a nurse practitioner from Baltimore who worked at the pop-up hospital told the Times. “We all felt guilty. I felt really ashamed, to be honest.”

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Design for a Cause: Pop-Up Shop Raises Funds to Furnish Homes for Struggling Families

The annual Dwell With Dignity Thrift Studio runs Aug. 28 to Sept. 26.

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The Fashion Pop-Ups to Visit This Summer

From Alighieri’s recreation of an old Italian town to an Ibiza-themed Loewe store, these are the fashion pop-ups to head to in August.

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