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April 30, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Pop-Up Digest!  We are your single source of news related to pop-up shops…in retail, restaurants, grocery, etc.  While there are hundreds of pop-up food banks and other pop-ups related to the coronavirus, we will be focusing on the industry well beyond the current crisis.  Subscribe for free to stay up to speed on what various retailers, grocers, restaurants, malls, and others are doing in regards to pop-up shops.  We hope to help you find new solutions and long-term partners.  For now, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this our first issue!

Issue #1

COVID-19 shuffles chain store expansion plans

Though construction is considered an essential service in Springfield under COVID-19 orders, several national brands that were planning to expand in the Ozarks have put those projects on hold. Corporate officials say the altered timelines...

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Pop-up retail could help save firms hit by pandemic effects

An Alberta/B.C. greenhouse nursery was facing what its owner called a “catastrophic” situation three weeks ago after learning it would be sitting on millions of dollars of inventory due to COVID-19 pandemic retail shutdowns. However, Lawrence Jansen, owner of Darvonda Nurseries with facilities in Langley, B.C., Redcliff...

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Restaurants become pop-up grocers as FDA restrictions loosen during pandemic

The Carlton restaurant, a mainstay of Downtown Pittsburgh, has found a creative way to generate much-needed revenue since the coronavirus pandemic forced its closure. Early this month, the upscale eatery in the BNY Mellon Center began...

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Popup Fulfillment Centers Overcome Last Mile Obstacles During COVID-19

Ecommerce has suddenly become the primary sales channel as a result of COVID-19 and retailers are looking for creative solutions to meet consumer demand for essential and nonessential goods. With Amazon delaying shipments...

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DFW Hospitals Are Opening Their Own Grocery Stores

Multiple DFW hospitals have opened pop-up grocery stores to provide essential groceries and personal-care items to hospital workers during COVID-19, including Children’s Medical Center Dallas opening a pop-up 7-Eleven store and seven...

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7-Eleven Pop-Up Store Opening at Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Children's Health and 7-Eleven, Inc. have teamed up to launch the first 7-Eleven hospital pop-up store at Children's Medical Center Dallas. The hospital pop-up store opens Wednesday, April 22. According to officials with Children's Health, the...

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Hospitals Open "Pop Up" Grocery Stores To Help Healthcare Staff

In the midst of a crisis, people still have to eat. Going to the grocery store can be difficult and time-consuming — recommendations say to avoid "peak hours" and only go early in the morning or late at night to avoid crowds, and some people...

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Not Dead Yet: Understanding Consumer Behavior Is Key to Retail Survival

The retail apocalypse was already in motion long before anyone had heard of the coronavirus. Online shopping, led by the omnipresent tech behemoth Amazon, has been gobbling up brick and mortar sales year after year. But, as it turns...

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Is Retail the Key to Restaurant Survival?

It’s another sign of the coronavirus times that some local restaurants and food halls have converted into social-distance-friendly markets to survive the state’s mandated dine-in closures. To supplement carryout and delivery sales, these nimble...

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How Restaurants are Becoming Grocery Stores

As any of you in the restaurant industry know, those that enter this field and survive have a certain level of courage, tenacity, and creativity—much needed attributes in the current crisis that faces us. Most restaurateurs are also...

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Cashierless stores and pop-up shops: Food retail responds to COVID-19

As we’ve learned, especially of late, the future is unpredictable. We look to the past, hoping to identify patterns explaining our current situation and the potential changes coming our way. In terms of the coronavirus, we have to go back...

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Reinventing Retail Will Mean Embracing New Formats

Reinventing retail in the wake of COVID-19 may mean reinventing retail formats. As the discussion turns to reopening, non-essential locations — malls included — will need to consider old issues like total footprint and new ones...

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7 fresh retail design strategies

A short-range drone was the hottest retail story of 2013. The morning after CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon’s “octocopter” on “60 Minutes,” the Internet was abuzz with speculation about whether this Jetsonesque delivery technology would...

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How Pop Up Grocer's Bringing 'Delight' Back to Online Grocery Shopping

Pop Up Grocer, a traveling grocer spotlighting independent food and wellness brands, just celebrated its first birthday. Instead of ringing in its first year with the opening of its Austin store as planned, the company unveiled surprise boxes...

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NBA Star John Collins Helps Bring Pop Up Grocery Stores To Atlanta

Atlanta Hawks star John Collins has stepped up to help people who need food during the coronavirus pandemic. He has partnered with the Atlanta Hawks Foundation, State Farm and Goodr, an Atlanta-based startup utilizing technology...

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Pop-up grocery: how UK pubs and cafés are transforming into convenience stores

I do accept that what we’re doing is extraordinary: we’re taking away the ancient, inalienable right of free-born people of the United Kingdom to go to the pub,” Boris Johnson said on that fateful Friday evening, as he ordered pubs...

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Washington, DC, gets its first coronavirus pop-up shop

The nation's capital has pop-up shops for food and drink, even marijuana. And now, coronavirus prevention supplies. As local stores sell out of masks and hand sanitizer, Adilisha Patrom, owner of a co-working and event space next...

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Experiential Grocers, Snack Services Move Online

Where does a floating grocery store land during a pandemic? What about a curated snack service for office workers? As most daily activities move online, businesses whose plans rely on disrupting the everyday grind with exciting new products...

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Pop-Up Stores Represent Opportunity for Printers

All businesses are eager to find and exploit new markets as the world of communications continues to shift. The market for print across all segments and verticals is evolving, but one that is seeing a lot of change in particular is retail. The recent...

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The Final 3 Design Epic Pop-Up Shops in This Week's Making the Cut Episode

We are down to the final three in Prime Video's Making the Cut. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn tell the designers to pack their bags, because they're heading back to their homes. Each contestant must put together a final collection and conceptualize...

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Pop-Up Shops: How to Take Advantage of the Next Big Fad

If you’re someone who is “hip” and likes to keep up with the latest trends, then you’re someone who is probably looking to take advantage of the next big fad. Whether the next craze comes in the form of retail, a new nutrition remedy...

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Jackson, NJ Proposes a Pop-Up Drive In Movie Theatre

Movie theaters remain closed in New Jersey and all around the country, but for residents in Jackson, the movies may make a return, but in a different place – pop ups. Pop-up drive-ins may be the only way to watch a movie on the big screen in the state for the foreseeable future...

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A Pop-Up, Drive-Thru Zoo in Oregon

You've probably heard of a pop-up shop, but what about a pop-up zoo? Event vendors, like tent suppliers and animal handlers, have no work right now. So, they teamed up to create Animal Avenue in Keizer.nIt's a drive-thru zoo that gives families a chance to get out of the house and see some unique creatures...

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