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April 30, 2020

Ian Cook, Managing Editor

Welcome to the inaugural issue of MultiSite Project Management Digest!  We will be providing you, in a single newsletter, all the pertinent news from the past week as it relates to multi-site or chainstore projects in retail, restaurant, hospitality, multifamily, healthcare, self storage, etc.  There are not too many new projects being announced during the coronavirus pandemic, but there are still some opportunities as companies try to convert dark stores to distribution centers, as they struggle with maintaining closed stores, and as landlords deal with vacancies, new tenants, etc.  We hope you find this free newsletter worthwhile and encourage you to share it with your colleagues and contacts.  Enjoy!

Issue #1

Connex Releases 2019 Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Report

Connex, formerly PRSM, the authority on Retail and Multisite Facilities Management, is excited to announce the 2019 Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Report. This report contains more data than ever...

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COVID-19 shuffles chain store expansion plans

Though construction is considered an essential service in Springfield under COVID-19 orders, several national brands that were planning to expand in the Ozarks have put those projects on hold. Corporate officials say the altered timelines...

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Learn how 7-Eleven digitally transformed store facilities operations & vendor management process

Join us and learn how 7-Eleven has transformed their facilities management operations across their 10,000+ convenience retail stores in the US and Canada...

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Forbes: Dark Stores Are The Future Of Post-Pandemic Retail

Dark stores are traditional retail stores that have been converted to local fulfillment centers. They come in the form of grocery stores, clothing brands and home goods retailers. As stay at home orders and social distancing limit the number...

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Bed Bath & Beyond converts 25% of its stores into regional fulfillment centers

The home goods retailer said it converted approximately 25% of its stores across the US and Canada into regional fulfillment centers — almost doubling its digital fulfillment capacity — to support a significant rise in online sales. Bed Bath...

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Kantar: Target is the retailer that consumers most likely to try in coming weeks

Thirty-four percent of consumers expect to try a new retailer in the coming weeks as the pandemic continues and forces shoppers to evolve routines to find products and fit budgets, according to a survey by Kantar. Target was the retailer...

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Texas-Based Choice Homecare Acquires Houston-Based Nextgen Hospice

Choice Homecare of Texas, LLC, a hospice, rehab service, and home health provider in over 100 Texas counties, formally announced the acquisition of Nextgen Hospice LLC. Nextgen is a provider of hospice services based in Houston...

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FAT Brands Appears Primed for a Buying Spree

Fatburger parent FAT Brands is seeking to bolster its portfolio. CEO Andrew Wiederhorn said during the company’s Q4 earnings call Monday that FAT Brands has identified targets and undergone “extensive negotiations.” Although no...

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The Backroom: Retail responds to the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced much of the retail industry to temporarily shutter their doors, either by choice or by mandate, in order to help slow the spread of the virus. E-commerce can only do so much to make up for the loss of in-store...

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Sevan Names New Chief Financial Officer

Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, Inc., a global leader in innovative design, program management, construction services and data analytics, today announced Paul Evans has been named the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Evans...

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Laser Facility Taps FM Industry Veteran Joe Fairley as New Director of Business Development

Laser Facility Management is excited to welcome industry veteran Joe Fairley as their new Director of Business Development. Joe joins the company with over 28 years leading operations, customer service, marketing, and national sales efforts...

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Awaken Dark Stores by Rethinking How to Use Them

You may be asking yourself, how do I keep my business viable during the current global crisis and future proof my operations? With store-based retail operations forced to shut down, consumer fulfillment habits are changing quite significantly...

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Seven facilities management considerations for re-entry post-COVID-19

Whether you own or manage property in the commercial office, industrial or retail sector, the COVID-19 outbreak has shone a spotlight on facilities management across the real estate industry and beyond. From the early stages of...

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The future state of retail and maintenance

We are currently facing one of our mightiest struggles, and COVID-19 is changing our world as we know it. But we are learning a lot from this pandemic, including our need to connect and the importance of being creative and adaptable...

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A short analysis: Impact of COVID19 on Facilities management software and services business.

There is no doubt that COVID19 has brought almost all sectors of businesses that require mobility, supply, and physical intervention etc. to a standstill. Facility management sector is not spared from the impact of the global lock down...

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How Facility Managers and Business Service Contractors Can Meet the Increased Demand for Cleaning

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, some facilities are closing to the public indefinitely, others remain open to sell essential goods like food and medicine, and still others remain open but are struggling to attract customers...

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More than half of mall-based department stores could close in two years

Although the retail shutdown mandated by the COVID-19 pandemic has been temporary, and some nonessential retail will be reopening in a matter of days, the outbreak is nevertheless hastening the decline of many department stores and...

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Real estate brokers shift strategies during pandemic 

San Francisco’s commercial real estate brokerage firms have spent the past month grappling with the difficult task of serving their clients in a Covid-19 environment. They also have to plan for the future of their industry in a post-pandemic...

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How landlords and facilities managers are dealing with empty buildings

From the outside, many offices and public buildings currently appear closed for business across Europe. Inside, it’s a different story as dedicated onsite teams adapt their normal schedules to keep buildings running smoothly – and crucially...

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With shuttered stores and slashed budgets, retail marketers have only tough choices left

Every aspect of retail is getting hit by the pandemic, and marketing is no exception. As retailers have temporarily shuttered store locations, cut down on growth plans, furloughed employees and considered skipping on rent, marketing budgets...

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How retailers are preparing for the post-coronavirus recovery

As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts the lives and livelihood of millions, retailers are working to understand what changes will be needed once the outbreak subsides and stores can reopen. A new survey of 98 US-based retail executives...

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Scores Of Restaurants Are Likely To Close For Good, Reshaping The Retail Market

The restaurant industry is preparing for a long, uphill battle. With government relief measures not working for many restaurant businesses and takeout service not providing sustainable revenue, industry leaders expect this crisis will lead to the...

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7 tactics experts say retailers will use to manage excess inventory and attempt to stay afloat during the coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to sicken Americans and ravage the US economy, retailers are quickly finding themselves with a mounting inventory problem. Under non-pandemic conditions, department stores and apparel companies...

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ConnexiCore Is Supporting Construction Project Safety by Utilizing Drones for Social Distancing

While the coronavirus pandemic has completely halted progress for many industries, ConnexiCore is helping construction companies find ways to leverage drone technology while protecting the safety of their teams. Various stakeholders...

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Transacting in Turbulent Times: The Impact of Coronavirus Across All Segments of the Self-Storage Industry

These times aren’t entirely unique. In self-storage, we actually have a footprint to step into, left from 9/11. The coronavirus crisis is familiar, even if the cause isn’t similar to that horrific day in 2001. Consider the timing, for example...

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