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January 13, 2022

Peter Cook, Editor

Kitchen United and REEF dominate the ghost kitchen stories of the week.  KU expands their grocer partnerships into LA.  REEF partners with Denny’s and also expands into the MENA region.

Looking forward to the 2nd Annual Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Conference on June 9-10, 2022 in Dallas.  Should be a great event.  Click here for information on registrations and sponsorships.

Feel free to share the Ghost Kitchen Digest with any co-workers, clients, or vendors whom you think would be interested.  There is no cost and no selling of email addresses.  Just doing our part to help us all stay informed.

And now, the news…

Issue #75

Denny’s plans Reef partnership for urban delivery

Denny’s Corp. has announced a partnership with Reef Technology to test the brand’s delivery in dense urban markets.

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TGI Fridays launches ‘Fridays on the Fly’ small format to-go concept

The new 2,500-square-foot store format is coming soon both to U.S. markets and internationally.

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America's Biggest Grocery Store Chain Opens Ghost Kitchen in LA

Kroger has officially entered the fast-casual restaurant space this month.

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Seeing the Writing on the Wall, Major Grocers Enter the Restaurant Space

Taking a tip from Walmart, Kroger is entering the ghost kitchen space.

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The Benefits of Operating a Virtual Restaurant

If you’re thinking about starting a virtual kitchen or restaurant, now’s the best time to begin.

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Restaurant Business Tech Roundup

Why Ghost Kitchens and Groceries Just Might Work.

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What Will Restaurants Look Like After Covid?

The pandemic has rocked the restaurant industry and showed just how agile it isn’t.

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10 Ways the Pandemic Transformed Franchising

Franchises want to give people more agency and flexibility on the path to financial freedom.

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The Evolution of the Quick-Service Restaurant Experience

It is an evolutionary tale punctuated and accelerated by the pandemic.

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Ordering in: the rapid evolution of food delivery in the US

Even as the food-delivery ecosystem continues to expand, its economic structure is still evolving.

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In the US, Food Delivery Services Struggle to Achieve Super App Status

Food delivery services have the opportunity to quickly become indispensable.

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PYMNTS.com Commerce Update

Grocers Enter Restaurant Space; Deliveroo to Open a Pizzeria.

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The Cloud Kitchen Industry: Revolutionizing Traditional Restaurants for Evolving, New-Age Consumer Needs

Businesses, particularly dine-in restaurants, are struggling worldwide, and this now seems to be the new normal.

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NRN editors discuss the Great Resignation and what restaurant operators can do about it

The restaurant industry has been hit the hardest by the Great Resignation.

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Helbiz Kitchen Boosts Ghost Kitchen Global Growth With Oracle Cloud

Helbiz announced the integration of Oracle Corporation’s Simphony Point of Sale technology.

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Ghostburger Slides Into Las Gemelas to Serve Chorizo Sloppy Joes and Nachos

The winter pop-up is a test run for the owners who are eying a permanent location in the neighborhood.

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Bob’s Pizza: From ghost kitchen to beloved bar

Bob’s Pizza began as a ghost kitchen and eventually took on the entire physical location.

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New Peruvian Restaurant Serves Up Cebiches in East Austin

Llama Kid opened in Austin as a ghost kitchen business and later as a physical restaurant.

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Winnipeg-Based FAST FIRED Looks to Expand to 200 Stores

The Carbone Restaurant Group aims to be a pioneer in the ghost kitchen space.

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Has Saladworks Turned a Corner on the Staffing That Slowed its Walmart Rollout?

Parent company WOWorks’ CEO shares reasons for optimism.

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Deliveroo’s Restaurant Efforts Could Spell Trouble for Merchants on the Platform

United Kingdom: Deliveroo is entering the restaurant space.

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Mubadala-backed Reef in cloud kitchen JV with Middle East's biggest F&B operator Americana

Dubai: One of the region’s biggest F&B operators, Americana, is getting into the cloud kitchen space.

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Fine dining came home during the pandemic

India: For the F&B industry, it was evident that to survive fine dining establishments would have to home deliver their food.

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Online food delivery to get costlier amid rising inflation, discount demands

India: Ordering food on platforms will likely get more expensive this year as restaurants seek to increase prices.

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Online food delivery picks up again as third wave bites

India: Restaurants and cloud kitchens are again seeing an increase in demand for online food delivery.

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Cloud kitchen platform Curefoods raises $62 mn

India: Cloud kitchen platform Curefoods said it has raised $62 million.

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