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September 9, 2021

Peter Cook, Editor

The big news of the week is the expansion of Shaq’s ghost kitchen brand (pun intended – still amazed how massive a man he is)!

Reminder that the Florida Ghost Kitchen and Virtual Restaurant Seminar will take place in Tampa on October 19th!!  The event website is https://ontrendconcepts.com/florida/.

Mark your calendars!!  The 2nd Annual Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Conference is being held June 9-10, 2022!!  For more information visit https://ontrendconcepts.com/ghostkitchen2/.

Please feel free to share the Ghost Kitchen Digest with any co-workers, clients, or vendors whom you think would be interested.

And now, the news…

Issue #59

Why Grubhub Took Over Room Service at Resorts World Las Vegas

Grubhub is making a fresh attempt to become an outsourced vendor that operates room service for resorts and hotels.

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Shaq's Big Chicken Expands to East Coast with Ghost Kitchens

NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal announced Big Chicken’s expansion and first East Coast location.

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Old-School Campus Cafeterias Get Connected Economy Upgrade

College dining is changing. Gone are the days when students living in dorms ate the vast majority of their meals from dining halls, and students living off-campus ate at restaurants and/or cooked for themselves.

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Walmart's 'Ghost Kitchens' Will Serve Menu Items from Multiple Restaurant Chains at One Counter

Simply head to the Ghost Kitchens counter, mix and match items from as many as two dozen recognizable restaurant brands, and collect your motley feast when you're done shopping.

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SJW Robotics CEO: Delivery Boom Paves the Way for Robotic Restaurants

As automation sweeps across industries, restaurant businesses are taking note.

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Florida Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Seminar

Sponsorships and registrations are filling up for this limited capacity event in the Sunshine State!

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Hell's Kitchen's Newest 'Ghost Kitchen' Puts 4 Eateries In One

Four new food options have opened their doors in Hell's Kitchen — and they're all under the same roof.

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The CEO of a smoothie company with nearly 1,000 stores is bucking a huge industry trend by shunning ghost kitchens

Tropical Smoothie Cafe doesn't intend to open any ghost kitchens soon, CEO Charles Watson said.

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New Restaurant Designs Show How the Industry Is Adapting to COVID

The design changes restaurants are going through highlight the industry’s resilience and adaptability.

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Could takeaways replace sit-down dining?

Now, a year later, while many restaurants have resumed their regular service, some eateries are still offering an “at-home” version of their dine-in menus.

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Do fast-food chains still need dining rooms?

Amid rising Delta variant cases of Covid-19 and continued worker shortages, some fast-food restaurants are closing their dining rooms.

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Innovations and technology used by restaurant industry is exciting and should help secure its future, even with lockdowns

Last year, the list of things in our lives that changed seemed never-ending. On that list was a shift from dining out to ordering for pick-up or delivery.

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Smart Marketing in the New World of Digital-Only Restaurant Brands

When it comes to restaurant marketing, great branding is a main ingredient.

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An Operator’s Look Inside DoorDash Kitchens Full Service

Under the new DoorDash Kitchens Full Service program, restaurants can hand over the keys to their brands to the delivery platform’s new army of chefs.

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Nextbite Has Launched Three New Home-Delivered Breakfast Options

Nextbite, a company specializing in virtual restaurant solutions, has announced three new breakfast concepts.

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Jollibee and DoorDash Debut First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Kitchen in Hamilton, Ontario on September 2

Canada: Going a step beyond the traditional ghost or commissary kitchen, the 15-meter traveling kitchen will allow the Jollibee brand to expand its presence in both existing and new markets without the traditional overhead costs of opening a brick-and-mortar store.

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Home Cooking and Staff Shortages are Changing the way Restaurants Order

Ireland: Average order volume in all areas across the country increased by 48.3% when outdoor service resumed in June.

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Why dark kitchens make more sense now

South Africa: The demand for restaurant-delivered meals is one of the numerous reasons behind the mushrooming of dark kitchens.

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FAT Brands Brings 70 Virtual Locations to the Middle East as Ghost Kitchen Expansion Trend Goes Global

Middle East: The deal includes the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, and the locations will open over the next five years.

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6 massive food trends you need to embrace in Doha this year

Doha: Whether you’re always on the hunt for the newest spot in the city, or prefer to stick to tried-and-tested restaurants, food trends are creeping onto menus all over Doha.

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Delivery and revenge dining: How Riyaaz Amlani survived the Covid-19 battering

India: The restaurateur wouldn't have imagined that he would mark 20 years in F&B by devising a playbook from scratch.

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Food deliveries move beyond fine-dining – to snacks and light bites

India: Even the five-star hotels and fine-diners have turned to food delivery, not to mention the proliferation of cloud kitchens across the country.

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